I just completed the what has been so far the hardest four weeks of my life.

It was a really bad time for me. A had a lot of storms brewing in my personal life, work life, and school life, but it’s nice to look back and see that most of my problems will stay trapped in my four weeks of hell.

This past for weeks I’ve been taking the hardest class I’ve ever taken, the calculus based physics of electricity, optics, and electromagnetics. Why am I taking this as a four week summer course if it’s the hardest? Because I am a dumb procrastinator who screwed herself over and had to pass the hardest class of her life in four weeks in order to graduate on time. TBA on if I actually passed or if I will have to change my major.

I could tell so many funny stories about my time in Physics 208 but I will settle for these two that perfectly describe me. My lab group, two other blonde sorority girls and me, was the failure that you can imagine. Maybe our biggest failure was trying to measure the voltage across a circuit that was connected to this old radio and we kept getting zero voltage. When Dr. Dkye (lol yes that’s his name) came to check our circuit, everything was correct except we didn’t plug in the radio. And then everyone made fun of us.

I’m a little ashamed of my next story but mostly proud. I was working out a problem on my test and I kinda knew what I was doing, which was rare, but I kept getting a cursive l in my answer that I knew shouldn’t be there. On the other side of the equation, I had a rho, which I write like a fancy p, so I erased my work a few steps up and wrote my fancy p like a cursive l a little more each time and then I cancelled it out. I only got a couple points off because Dr. Dyke assume I made a mistake, but instead I am a Professional Bullshitter. Tell me that isn’t the highest level of bullshit on an exam that you’ve ever seen.

Normally during the semester I’m an Supplemental Instructor for this intro to biology class, which basically means I’m a TA who gets paid less and doesn’t grade papers and tests. I love my job so when my boss asked me to SI for the summer II session, I said yes thinking it was going to be biology. Turns out I had to SI for a political science class that I had never taken. And I hate political science, especially when the professor says it’s actually a science. Since my boss tricked me into doing this, I complained to her and she bought me lunch and gave me a raise. Which means through these four weeks of hell, I have been making great money.

It was really difficult to try to learn all of this material well enough to teach it to other students. It was also really important because almost all of my students were Gateway kids, which means A&M accepts them on the condition that they pass some basic classes like political science in the summer II session. So for most of them this was their first college class and they needed help with more than just the material, they need help with study skills, test taking skills, how to get around campus, etc. It was definitely more difficult than my normal biology SI, but so many of my students really benefitted from my sessions so I felt really good about it.

So here’s a slice of a typical day for me:

7-9:30am- wake up, get ready, finish chegging the physics homework from last night
9:30-11:30am – polysci class
11:30-4pm – physics class
4-6pm – work
6-7pm – SI session
7-8pm – dinner and break
8-11pm – physics homework
11:30 – finally get to go to bed

It was hell. I didn’t have time for anything besides school and work. I barely had time to eat, much less time to eat healthy. All I wanted to do was lay at the pool and read trashy novels, but I was locking inside classrooms for almost the entire day,

Also during this four weeks, I took the PCAT, which is the MCAT for pharmacy school. I bought this packet of study materials that was like $1,000 and then didn’t really look at them. I bought them over Christmas and made this plan about “studying on Saturdays” and “studying in the summer” but every Saturday would go by and I’d sleep or hangout with my friends or study for another class and not study for the PCAT. And then it was summer and I still had stuff for my summer classes and I wanted to lay by the pool and drink beer and go to Northgate so I didn’t study. Then two days before the PCAT I had this total breakdown about how much I haven’t studied. I had not studied AT ALL.

At my lowest, most stressed point, I was convinced that I would fail physics, have to change my major, not graduate on time, not get accepted to pharmacy school, and live with my parents for the rest of my life as a freeloader with nothing to do. In reality, I passed my physics class with a 78%, probably the only time in my life I will be proud of getting a C. I survived my polysci class, helped students succeed, and gave Gateway kids study tips that will hopefully give them a smooth transition into college. I also made a lot of money. And I scored in the 89th percentile on my PCAT, which means I scored better than 89% of people who took the PCAT!

So I’m still a biochemistry and genetics double major, still graduating on time, still living on my own, and now I have a pretty strong pharmacy school application.

Life is good.

p.s. The featured image is a picture of my political science professor that he put on his fake facebook that he uses for job related stuff only. Way to go, Guillaume.




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