In June, I bought tickets to The 1975 concert over Thankgiving break.

It was one of the best nights of my life.

I absolutely love the 1975. They are a British rock/pop band that has been together since high school, or whatever the brits call it. In their first album they were very rock and shot all of their music videos in black and white. In their second album, I Like it When You Sleep for You are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of it, is incredibly daring with a completely new pop/techno sound and a neon pink theme, yet it has the same raw vocals and emotional lyrics that I was drawn to in the first place. I’ve been obsessed for about two years and I don’t see it dissipating anytime soon.

So I obviously bough the tickets super far in advance and Grace said she would go on the Friday after Thanksgiving with me in Dallas at a huge concert hall. I actually ended up going the Saturday after Thanksgiving with two of my friends from class, Madison and Katie, at a small venue in Houston. It was their last show in America.

The small concert venue allowed me to get so close to Matty that I was only a few feet away. I lost Madison and Katie in the first fie minutes of the show because they couldn’t keep up as I slid through the crowd, inching myself closer. I have never been so excited to be tall because I could breathe above everyones heads and most of all I could see everything.

There were security guards at the front of the stage and they had to constantly lift some girl out of the pit of bodies because she had fainted because of Matty or passed out due to drugs. We will never know which. People were openly passing out blunts even though weed is still illegal in Texas. I was drenched in sweat and smoke from the crowd of people and jumping up and down and sheer excitement and disbelief that I was this close to my favorite band. It was 100 times better than touching tswift’s hand at her concert. No offense to Taylor Swift because I still love her and she dated Matty at one point and still reps them, which I think is how I started listening to the 1975. So thanks for that, tswift.

Anyways, I tried to be present at the concert and not film a ton, but I had to snag a few clips of my favorite songs. This Must be My Dream is another fav, but that was the song that Matty asked us to be present for and not record, so of course I did not want to upset him since I was so close. I feel like we made eye contact during that song because I was pressed up against the gates at the very front of the pit and I was a head taller than anyone around me and I just think we had a connection.

I don’t even know how to describe my feelings during the concert. It was like my entire body was a live wire constantly sparked by the music surrounding me. Afterwards, I was drenched in sweat, my shirt was soaked, and I had the biggest smile plastered on my face for about three days.

I have to go again as soon as possible.


pre show jitters // blurry and neon pink describes the night

the 1975  // fuck just writing this makes my arm hair stand up


katie, me, madison // shirt, skirt, and hair absolutely drenched in sweat


holy // fucking // shit // nov 26


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