I never made a conscious decision to make all of my posts have one word titles, but it’s become something I love about my blog.

I never give a post a title until it is completely finished, ensuring that my drafts column is just a list of Untitled staring at me, waiting for a name. I try to pick an obscure word so I will always know what I wrote about. Like if I titled a post love, it could be about my friends, about my family, about my past boyfriend, about a new guy, my thoughts on love, etc. So I try to label things a little more descriptively.

Sometimes the word just clicks. Like when I wrote trolley I started out with the trolley problem and I ended with Harry Potter, which always make me think of the “Anything off of the trolley, dear?” scene. Sometimes it’s a little harder than that though. In marzipan I wrote the whole thing and had no idea how to label it in one word. Cooking? Failure? Peas? What if I wanted to name a later post peas because I love them so much? So I settled on marzipan, which is weird and I also hate that the featured image is a google search but whatever.

Anyways, I was messing around on pinterest and saw a quote that asked for you to describe yourself in one word. At first, I thought that I was too many things to be pinned down by one word. I am independent, loving, intelligent, passionate, driven, basically awesome despite my incredibly low self confidence.

After really giving it some thought, I realized I never want to define myself by an adjective. If I’m going to pick one word to live my life by, it is going to be a verb. I need an action, something that I can do, to inspire me to live a proactive life. I thought about the word ‘do’ from my current life motto, do what you love love what you do, but it just isn’t specific enough. Do what? Do good, do bad, do something, do nothing, do heroine, idk. Two letters is definitely not enough for me to describe myself. Next I came up with the word learn. I contemplated it for about a week before I decided against it. It just seems to passive, and boy I am not a passive person. But learn at least felt like it was along the right lines, like it was getting close to the core of my personality. I wracked my brain for something with the same meaning as learn, but not as passive and closer to that feeling that makes my stomach burn and my life worth living.

When I found my word, it just clicked. It’s an active verb. It’s passionate. It’s learning something new. It’s forging my own path. It’s inspiring. Okay so that was pretty dramatic.

My word is discover. So naturally, as soon as I decided on discover, I ordered a Giving Key to wear around my neck to remind me to live by my word. And hopefully in the (distant) future, I find someone who needs the word discover more than I do and I can pass my key on.

It’s a little nerdy, but I do feel like it encompasses most of my life goals. Discover new things every day. Discover who I am. Discover Jesus. Discover my passions and my drives. Discover new places and new cultures. Discover a new bacterial gene or the cure for cancer. Discover new people or new things about old people. Discovering nature. Whether I’m learning about myself or my friends, something that’s only new to me or new to the entire world, I feel like discover encapsulates the positive feeling I get, that weird burning in my stomach, when I learn something that amazes me.

I want to spend my life chasing that feeling.

I want to spend my life discovering everything the world has to offer.



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