Thursdays are my favorite days.

Tuesdays and Wednesday are so busy this semester. I start class at 8am and go until 2pm. Then on Tuesdays I have to do a lot of SI stuff and then I have my actual SI session until 8pm. On Wednesday, I go straight from class to volunteering at the orthopedic surgery place. I have to change into my ugly khaki pants in my car while I’m driving. I go straight from volunteering to my SI session and I don’t even have time to eat. I get home around 8pm and eat dinner and pass out.

But Thursdays are so much better.

I don’t have class until 11:10. Usually, I would sleep in until 10:30 and then rush to get ready and get to class on time. But in this past year, my circadian clock has finally grown up and I don’t feel the need to sleep until noon every day. I’m still tired, but my body wakes itself up around 8 every day. I get up, pee, brush my teeth, and make my self a nice cup of coffee. Brushing my teeth before drinking my coffee may seem counter intuitive, but it’s just how my world spins.

Last week I tried to enjoy my cup of coffee on my porch, but when I went outside my glasses fogged up so much that I had to come back inside. I curled up on the couch and went through emails and it may not seem like a huge deal, but those minutes where I woke up without an alarm and had time to enjoy a cup of black coffee that I brewed just sets my entire day up exactly like I like it.

I don’t know exactly what it is. I think it’s just the peacefulness of not having to rush somewhere and having a little stolen time for myself. I normally end up being productive, but it’s without the constant pressure to get everything done and be on top of my life. I sip my coffee, contemplate my life and the future, and do some strategic organizing.

With everything on my plate this semester, it feels go to take a break without feeling guilty for not studying or not preparing for my SI or not scheduling pharmacy socials or not updating tridelt points.

Thursdays are also good because they mean Grey’s Anatomy.

I love Greys. One of my favorite episodes is the bomb episode. At the end of that two part series, Meredith tells Derek that she doesn’t remember their last kiss. He says their last kiss was on a Thursday morning. She was wearing that ratty Dartmouth tshirt she looks so good in. It was quick, like a habit. It may be weird that I remember those lines, but I am constantly rewatching Greys so it’s really not that surprising.

But it was a Thursday. My favorite day. It doesn’t come will all of the pressure to have big weekend plans like Friday and Saturday, but it’s still socially acceptable to be drunk. The week is basically over. It’s almost the weekend.

Thursdays are my favorite days.


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