I’ve officially spent an entire month in my first big girl house.

It’s really, really small. It’s around 1400 square feet and we have four roommates. It’s tiny and honestly so perfect for us. The floors, walls, and ceilings are all wood, so it has a homey cabin feel. We have decided to name it the Maple.

Unfortunately, we’ve already had some serious flooding issues. Some major changes will have to happen, but for now a large bucket works great when water drips from the ceiling. We also had some issues with weird things, like fence planks falling off, some mold, and the bathroom sink hot water knob being on backwards so when it was off it looked like it was suppose to be on. But honestly our rent is dirt cheap for a safe neighborhood in College Station so we aren’t complaining too much.

I’m still not completely moved in because I have been super busy with sorority recruitment, but I’m slowly getting there. I really miss living in the sorority house. I had almost all of my best friends right down the hall. There was always someone to talk to and I always felt super in the loop. And the food was so freaking good. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like everything tastes a little shittier when I make it for myself.

I love my roommates here. Cassidy is a great and she helps with the chores and loves to chat. She’s also being the main designer around our house decorations and it’s all really coming together nicely. Julie is great and chatty right now, but I know once school starts we will see less and less of her. I’m really trying to strengthen our bond before it gets super bad.

Claire spends a lot of time alone in her room. I think it’s because she’s a sensitive introvert and the rest of us are blunt extroverts so she probably needs time away from us and our comments to recharge. She also likes to call her mom from inside her car which I think is kinda weird because now she has her own room. But since we do have a really small house it’s not very private so she probably doesn’t want to talk to her mom about us when we might overhear.

It’s been a lot easier to integrate household chores than I thought it would be. At least for this first month. I’m almost positive that it’s bound to be a problem sometime during the year. What is a problem is Claire’s incredibly poor decorating skills. We all decided that Cassidy would decorate our house because she loves that stuff and she’s good at it, however, Claire took it upon herself to buy ‘accent furniture’ without telling the group. She got a rug, pillows, an end table, ottomans, and mantle decorations in various shades of teal, aka the worst color to decorate anything with. Pair the teal with our brown couches and baby blue ladylike recliners and we have an ugly living room. It’s not that big of a deal and we don’t want to hurt Claire’s feelings so we have all decided to suck it up and deal with the teal.

While I do miss the sorority house, I feel much more grown up living in a house with three roommates. God knows I love the feeling of independence.


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