Some of our neighbors brought us cookies and invited us to their house for a block party for our entire street tonight.

Unfortunately, it was also tridelt bid day so we couldn’t go to the actual dinner. Even though we got all the girls we wanted to be in tridelt, our theme was a subpar and it just didn’t really work out the way our new member educators thought it would. So we were back pretty early and we went to see if the block party was still popping.

It wasn’t, but we met our really nice neighbors Matt, Matt, Micah, and David. They were cleaning up from the block party and we offered to help, but they wanted us to head to the back and join the group of young life leaders who were going to start worship in the backyard. I’m not exactly sure what young life is, but I know they go to schools and make friends with kids and tell them about Jesus. It’s a pretty cool thing.

Julie called Maggie since she’s also a young life leader and she came with us to worship night. It was really fun. We sang a bunch of songs together. I only knew about half but we had a guitar guy, a singing girl, and a guy on a drum seat, which is also known as a kahon. It was amazing, but it was a cloudy night and I really wanted to be able to look up and see the stars.

I was surprised that it was Julie’s first time going to a powwow like that. She grew up in a more formal, serious church so I don’t think she got to do stuff like that. It was something new we experienced together. Julie said she didn’t know if these were ‘her people’. I don’t know what she meant, but I liked them and I can’t wait for the next Milner Drive get together.


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