Monday was my fifteenth first day of school.

I’m officially a junior at Texas A&M University. I don’t know how it happened or where the time went, but I can finally whoop. I can’t believe my time at A&M is half over. I still have so much I still want to do and I hope these next two years live up to my expectations.

This semester is jam packed. I’m taking biochemistry, population genetics, statistics, and anatomy and physiology. I’m still involvement chair for my sorority. I’m social chair of the pre pharmacy society, which means I plan the places were we do or sell drugs according to my mother, but really I just plan some socials and mixers. I am still volunteering at the hospital, but I got switched to an x-ray assistant at in orthopedic surgery  so that’s going to be bomb.

I also got a job! It’s called a supplemental instruction (SI) leader. Basically, I get paid to attend a lecture that 50% of students drop or fail. After class, I hold a session that helps students practice and master the material. On average, students that go to SI sessions get a whole letter grade better than students who don’t. I’m the SI leader for freshman biology and I’m really excited to help students succeed! Normally a SI has earned an A with the professor they are SIing for, but my prof doesn’t teach anymore so I’m doing Dr. Rao’s class.

I’m a little worried I’ve bit off more than I can chew, but all of the things I’m involved in fill me up. At least I hope they will. If one of them is super draining, it’s probably going to have to go.

Honestly I’m a huge nerd. I love going to class. People enjoy things that they are good at and I’m good at school. I love learning. I feel so empowered. I love the start of a new semester when I have empty notebooks that are full of possibilities and a syllabus packed with topics I will master by the end of the semester.

I’ve had fifteen first days of school, and I’m looking forward to six more.



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