If you’ve never been through sorority rush, you might not have a clear mental picture.

But if you are picturing 250 girls in wedges and white jeans with full makeup and hair chanting, clapping and bouncing in sync, you are spot on.

Although it seems superficial, it’s not as plastic as you might think. I can’t speak for every chapter, but I can speak for mine, and we genuinely want girls to pledge the chapter that would be the best fit for them. Almost 1,300 girls come through recruitment every year and less than 80 make it into the next pledge class. We can’t possibly take everyone, so cuts have to be made. It’s a super weird process, but it is a mutual selection process so pnms (girls who are rushing) but houses just like we have to cut girls. Over the six day process, they narrow down their choices and find their home, and our chapter adopts a new pledge class.

Honestly, I hate rush. If you can’t tell, smiling and clapping isn’t really my thing. Dressing nice isn’t my thing. Wearing heels is most definitely not my thing. I swear I have nerve damage from wearing my wedges for 14 hours straight without being able to sit down. Also, since I am a nerd, I get matched with all of the nerdy girls who are coming through rush. Sometimes I have great conversations with girls who are just as rockin as I am. But other times I get girls who are painfully shy or are just a little off. One girl told me this really long story about a bunny at her summer camp that ended with her campers sticking it in the microwave to warm it up and blowing the bunny to smithereens.

Thankfully, halfway through rush I was recruited to hospitality committee, which is a group of girls who prepare snacks for the rest of the chapter. Now that sounds like me. I love food. And since it’s not the 1950s, I don’t have to wear a dress and heels in the kitchen.

There are a few things I do love about rush. Our philanthropy day is amazing because it’s all for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Childhood cancer is incredibly somber, but St. Jude tries to make their hospital time enjoyable. They throw proms, graduations, and even no mo chemo parties. This year we threw a no mo chemo party on philanthropy day to keep the focus on the positive effects of our fundraising. Last year, my chapter alone raised $200,000 for St. Jude and tridelt as a whole is the number one contributor to St. Jude, outranking huge businesses like Target. We have so many girls who are so passionate about St. Jude. Cancer touches everyones lives.

I also love our preference night traditions. The speeches from the president and head of recruitment really hit home. We also have some amazing singers, Courtney and Morgan, who do a beautiful duet to For Good from the wicked musical. I don’t know man, it just gets me every time.

Our new PC is bomb. We have 82 new baby deltas, 6 of which have sitting sisters in our chapter! Since I’m two years older than them and from Nebraska, I don’t know any of them, but since they made it in I bet they are super great. I hope I get to know them better! My little, Hannah, had one of my friend’s little sisters as her bid day buddy, so she spent all of Saturday with her. Hannah said they had a really great time and got along great, so I think I found my grand little!

Anyways, most people think recruitment sucks whether your a pnm or an active member. If you’re one of the few people who enjoys rush, man are you special. Just remember, everything happens for a reason.

me & claire // philanthropy day 1


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