When one of your friends interns in Chicago for the summer, you visit.

So I booked some plane tickets to Chicago and left as soon as my summer internship was over. By pure luck, I booked the same flight as Erin, one of my fellow summer interns that I absolutely love. We got to travel together and it was really great to have her to hang with while we waited.

Mason picked me up from the airport with Drew, one of his fellow interns that was picking up his girlfriend Jane. They were both super chill and really cool. Everything was great until we got back to Mason’s place. He lived in a huge skyscraper on State Street, which is in the middle of everything. The location was ideal, but his apartment was anything but. I saw his freshman dorm so I thought I had realistic expectations, but this was worse than anything I could’ve imagined. It was disgusting. Honestly, I’m proud of myself for making it five days without crying or using an entire gallon of bleach. I mean, Mason brought his own toilet paper roll to the bathroom when he had to shit, but other than that there was nothing in his bathroom. Not even hand soap. I’m really surprised I didn’t get sick from eating off of their nasty ass dishes. They didn’t have dish soap or a sponge, so they just washed everything with their hands and hot water. It was incredibly unsanitary and I’m not sure I could’ve survived one more day living in that kind of filth.

But the rest of Chicago was beautiful. Mason and I walked around for the entire day for five full days. I got a huge blister and then it popped and then I got another, deeper blister under the popped blister and it still hurts like a bitch but man it was worth it. We hit up Navy Pier, the bean, the Magnificent Mile, Sears Tower, the planetarium, the fountain, the beach, the lakefront trails, the malls, Wrigley field, Lou’s pizza, we even fulfilled my childhood dream of visiting the American Girl Place.

Mason has really changed. In high school, he was the one guy who didn’t drink or fuck or do drugs or stay out past curfew or anything bad. He was the goody two shoes of the group. And now he has a fake ID and he goes out to bars every night and dances with strange girls. He still doesn’t fuck them because he has this weird philosophy about sex that I don’t even want to get into. But people always assume that we’ve hooked up or would hook up when I went to visit him, but Mason and I are just completely platonic. We are so different that it would never work. And right now, he likes Ellie, who just dumped Eric, who I think is way hotter than Mason. Anyways, Ellie is totally stinging Mason along. She is two years younger than us and is one of Alexandra’s best friends and I don’t think she actually likes Mason. I think she likes the attention he gives her, but when she moves to Kansas for school in a couple of days, she will forget all about him.

Meanwhile, Mason is changing his entire life for Ellie. He was going to sell his car and buy a moped (lol) but doesn’t want to because then he can’t get down to Kansas to take Ellie on dates. He used to eat live 12 meal a day of whatever the fuck he wanted (while keeping a six pack) and now he says that chicken ceasar salads make him “feel good.” What 20 year old guy says that? He’s in the prime time of his life where he can eat literally anything and everything and he is forgoing that because he likes a girl who is a literal gluten-dairy-sugar-preservative-free health nut? Soon he will realize his mistake. I tried to gently warn him, but he didn’t listen so I guess we will see when she breaks his heart again.

But back to Mason drinking alcohol: he wanted me to get a fake just to get into bars in Chicago. Like no? I don’t want a fake. But when I got there I felt so bad because all of his friends were going out to a bar called Sluggers and he really wanted to go but didn’t think I would get in. I told him I would try to get in with my real ID and just see what happens. A military ID is such a blessing because it confuses the hell out of people who aren’t familiar with the military. My birthdate is on the back of the card, but the bouncer didn’t even turn it over. He just let me in. I guess being a 6’1 military brat does have its perks. He gave Mason a hard time, asking him a ton of questions, and I was thankful he didn’t ask me for my address because I honestly have no idea what house is on that card.

Anyways, I got in with a real ID that clearly says I’m only 20 while I was already drunk from pregaming and bought tons of alcohol and bet on people in the batting cages and danced until we were drenched in sweat. And Drew accidentally grabbed my boob and him and Jane had a huge fight and it was kinda funny cause it like wasn’t a big deal you know? Accidental boob grabs happen, it’s just a fact of life.

Mason also convinced me to get Pokemon Go. After five days, I am already level 15 and have caught 61 Pokemon. I hatched at least one 10km egg every single day since we walked all the time. It was honestly the perfect place to start playing, but Mason is so competitive that he was getting mad that I was catching up to him so quickly. He has been playing for a month and a half and is only level 18. He thinks it’s all luck and I can’t be better than him because I’m a girl, but he forgets that my brother and I were obsessed with Pokemon so I am actually pretty good.

Mason and I had a great time catching up and seeing the city. He was too stubborn to do a lot of the super touristy things because he thought he was a local since he lived in the city for the summer, but we all know he wasn’t a local. He said he didn’t actually like living in Chicago because it was too expensive and there was too much traffic, but I liked it. I don’t know if I’d like it if I was to actually move there, but I don’t think I’d hate it. I honestly loved the city and I would definitely go back.

But for now I’m back home in my own bed with clean utensils and toilets and I will fall asleep to cicadas instead of sirens. IMG_7021

when you get stuck sitting next to a mouth breather on the plane // erin from the internship


my favorite pic from the trip // the skyline from the lakefront by shedd aquarium 


seriously i didn’t know chicago was so beautiful // somewhere along the lakefrontIMG_7164

buckingham fountain // look at that sky


sears tower/willis tower // 103 floors high


jane, me, and mason // sluggers


where have you bean all my life??? // millenium park


lou’s pizza // it was as good as it looks

random pics in the day

randoms pics in the night

pics at the bean

pics from sears tower

pics from the planetarium // i’m distantly related to bill anders from apollo 8

living out my dream // american girl place

catching pokemon // mason mistaking a seagull for a pidgey 


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