I’ve learned that sometimes science freaking sucks.

I have been working on this experiment for more than a month now. I performed little rat surgeries, waited recovery time, and recorded electrophysiology in the brain for two weeks, and I finally have data to analyze. And it’s complete shit.

I’ll save you the gory details, but I have seven rats over fourteen days in two brain regions focused on four different wavelengths. I have eight excel spreadsheets with literally 4000 data points and all the way to EZ, but their is nothing easy about this analysis. It’s not mentally difficult, but it’s incredibly tedious.

I spent the last week sifting through all of my data, trying to glue it together in a way that clearly depicts my results, and I finally got some graphs. And they look terrible. We know what differences we were suppose to get, but all of the bars on my graph were the same height. I was so frustrated that I had to walk away from the computer. Lodge and Jennifer set up the parameters of the experiment for me, so I know it should’ve worked seamlessly in theory, which means I did something really wrong either during the actual experiment or during the data analysis. Either way I have some serious time to make up before I present.

I do love science, but it’s honestly and every day struggle. During lecture, we all ask questions that seem like they should be answered by now, but almost every time no one knows. We make hypotheses and educated guesses, but we don’t actually know anything. Even the things we think we know, we don’t know. In biochemistry next semester I know I am going to learn about G coupled proteins and how they function, everything in those textbooks is wrong. Dr. Clarke is consistently proving that the way we previously thought they functioned is wrong, and he has so much data that supports his new theory. It just sucks that he has to get so many papers published before this becomes common knowledge and they stop teaching us the wrong stuff in school.

Anyways, I love science because there is still so much out there to be discovered. It changes all the time and will constantly keep challenging me. But right now, science kinda sucks.

electrophysiology recordings // the red wave is moving so fast you can see doubleĀ 


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