On Tuesday, July 5th, I got a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and the famous.

Back in February I really wanted to do something cool this summer, so I asked my sorority sister Reagan to go to a 21 pilots concert with me in July. Reagan and I weren’t super great friends but she drove me to class sometimes and we always had the same taste in music. She said she would come with me, so we bought super cheap ‘seats’ that were first come first serve on the grassy field outside the Cynthia Mitchell Pavillon in the Woodlands, Houston. I pretty much forgot about the concert until Reagan texted me last week asking for our plans. When we bought the tickets, we both thought we would be in College Station for the summer, but I was in San Antonio and she was in Dallas. I thought we would just drive and meet there, but Reagan offered to pick me up in her private jet.

I had heard Grace say that Reagan was rich, but I never expected her to be private-jet-rich. She’s a really down to Earth girl, so I never really expected her to be that rich. Also, last fall she was so stressed out that she had multiple anxiety seizures, and I just don’t picture girls with private planes being debilitatingly stressed. Maybe a punk rock concert wasn’t the best place for Reagan.

Anyways, she legitimately picked me up in her private jet from the Beorne FBO. Her personal pilot/driver/bodyguard, Ryne, flew the smallest plane in her daddy’s fleet to pick me up and then to the Woodlands for the concert. Instead of a four hour drive in my tiny Corolla, I got an hour flight in a spacious plane with space for six passengers and a fully stocked bar. Of course, bodyguard Ryne would not let us drink any alcohol, but I didn’t mind because I was still slightly hung over from the Fourth. When we got to the FBO in the Woodlands, they literally rolled out a red fucking carpet for us to walk from the plane to the airport. I was almost disgusted by how nice everything was, and then I thought Beyonce had probably been there before and I felt more glamorous than ever before.

Reagan’s daddy bought me the most expensive taco I’ve ever eaten, which was also the best taco I’d ever eaten. Then we went to pick up our tickets only to find out that Reagan’s daddy had also upgraded our tickets to have real seats so we wouldn’t have to fight the crowds for space on the lawn. He also bought Ryne a seat right behind us so we would never be out of his sight. I guess if I was filthy rich and my seizure prone daughter was going to a rock concert, I’d do the same thing.

We had just been shown to our seats when 21 pilots came on stage. It was a seriously amazing concert. I love their music and their lyrics and they performed with so much energy and so much life that it was easy to love them. In the middle of the show they came out and played at a piano and drum set that was literally two rows in front of us. I could almost touch Josh and I totally felt the sweat flying off of Tyler’s hot, sculpted back. And omg his tattoos are so fucking hot. I may be twenty, but I was screaming like a teenaged girl the entire time. It was awesome.  I knew almost all of their songs, but Reagan didn’t know that many and she still had fun. She had a mild panic attack, but was able to control it without the need of her emergency medication so she was really proud of herself afterwards.

After the concert, Ryne drove us back to the FBO, flew us back to Beonre, then drove us to my house for the night. I told Ryne he could sleep in our guest room, but he had a hotel. I felt really bad for him because he’s 26 with four kids, one of which is 3 weeks old and he had to spend the night in San Antonio because I asked Reagan to go to a concert with me. I know it’s his job, but I still felt guilty for taking him away from his family that needed him way more than we did.

The next day Reagan and I hung out and went to coffee and lunch. Ryne is on her time, so he just drove us anywhere we wanted until she decided she was ready to head home. She was so gracious to my parents for letting her stay at my house even though she was the one that basically gave me a once in a lifetime experience like it was no big deal. Honestly, I love Reagan so much, and not because she is rich. I had an amazing time talking and laughing with her and I can’t wait to catch up again when my phone gets fixed. I could not have asked for a better day or a better person to share it with.


can you believe i rode in this private plane // featuring ryne

before the concert // very bad picture 


view from our seats // not bad for a lawn upgrade


i made reagan take this cheesy pic of our fingers doing a 2 1 // pls don’t judge me

in the middle of the show when they performed right fucking in front of us // so freaking cool

look how hot that back is // i swear i could feel the sweat flying off of him




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