On June 4, Maddie and Mitch got hitched.

My brother Matt is two grades older than me, but all his girlfriends have been my age. In high school he dated a girl from my volleyball team named Alyssa who was basically perfect. Blonde haired, blue eyed, too nice for her own good, girl next door vibe. She was dating Matt and her best friend Haley was dating my brother’s best friend Mitch, until Haley cheated on him. What used to be the perfect friend/dating foursome was ruined. That’s where I come in.

Mitch lived really far away from school, so when Matt would be hanging out with Alyssa but Mitch needed a place to stay for a couple of hours between school and games or whatever, he would still come to my house. And I would be there. And we would talk. We even made out a couple of times. Then he started dating someone and I started dating David and we were just friends. I bet he barely remembers, but some of that never went away for me. I’ve always been just a little bit in love with Mitch because he was so perfect in my eyes.

My sophomore year, Mitch was president of DECA and he convinced me to join. It was a great decision and DECA turned out to be one of my coolest high school experiences. He gave me his tips and I won tons of competitions. Mitch played first base on our high school baseball team and I went to an embarrassing amount of games to watch him play. He also played football, and I went to every game. Our football team sucked, but it’s the reason Mitch lifted weights so much and became so muscular so it was okay with me. For some reason, Mitch always wore white. I think someone noticed that he wore a lot of white and then it just became his thing. He would always be wearing white shorts, a white tshirt and white tennis shoes.

He was always so nice and never treated me like I was just his best friends little sister. He took me to Five Guys to catch up when he came home from college and he always paid. He has such a quick, witty sense of humor so it’s always fun to hear him tell stories. Mitch has always been smart and ambitious, and he recently passed three of his tests to be an actuary. He has visited my brother in College Station a couple of times and we always go out two stepping. He is the only partner that I’ve been able to do trick and twirls with. Dancing with him is fun because he sings the songs while he dances, and his voice is pretty nice. He can also play the guitar. His only flaw is unfortunately a fatal one: he is a couple inches shorter than me. But honestly, I would’ve considered dating him because he’s just that perfect to me. I’ve always been just a lot in love with Mitch.

He’s been bringing Maddie around for a while. They are so cute together. She’s gorgeous, of course, and she’s studying to be a nurse. She is really nice. My brother likes her, which is an accomplishment because he normally hates his friends’ girlfriends. The first time Mitch saw her, he was stopped at a stop sign and she was taking out her trash. I guess he stared at her long enough for his friend Neely in the passenger seat to ask him what was up and Mitch replied “that’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” Turns out, they were neighbors in their apartment complex and the rest is history. Mitch asked for my advice when he asked her to marry him last spring. He didn’t really need help because his proposal was pure gold and that’s what I told him. He kinda fucked it up though, because there was a situation with where the ring was hidden so he had to ask Neely where it was in the middle of his proposal. And then when he popped the question, he said “Neely, will you be my wife?” to Maddie. It’s a really funny story. Mitch tells it better than I do.

The wedding was beautiful. It was at the church Maddie grew up in, and it was decorated in flowers and greenery. It was a small wedding with only the people that were most important to them. Neely was the best man, and my brother and Mitch’s two brothers wre the groomsmen. Maddie cried as soon as she started walking down the aisle and she made me cry too. After the ceremony, the new couple came out and personally thanked everyone for coming, which was really sweet and special. Then we blew bubbles as they exited the church and got into a white hummer limo, which was so Mitch it wasn’t funny.

The ceremony was fun. I got to talk to Mitch and Maddie more than a typical wedding allowed. I danced with Mitch, ate too much cake, and had a couple glasses of wine. Maddie and Mitch had their first dance to the acoustic version Beautiful Soul and Mitch sang the lyrics in her ear. My mom and I gossiped about the scandal of Maddie’s family: her mom had left her dad for a woman with a son who is in jail for possession and intent to sell. Overall, it was a beautiful wedding and I had an amazing time.

I never thought Mitch and I would even date, or get married, but it was still sad to see my dream guy go off the market for good. Mitch is just one of those guys. He’s amazing without even trying.

I may not have dated Mitch, but he still set the bar pretty high.


mitch & me two stepping // dollar dance


mitch put us at table one bc we are his extended family // i just love him


maddie is just gorgeous // la plata, mo


me after two glasses of wine // dad after five beers


momma & me // sorority pose


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