Today I held a human brain in my hands.

It was much smaller than I envisioned. It looked like all the pictures. The sight of it was nothing special. Holding it was a different story.

In the palms of my hands I held every thought this person had. I held every emotion, every memory, every quirk. I held knowledge, decisions, personality traits.I held the best moments, and the worst moments, of a life. I held the most beautiful sunset this person has ever seen. I held every math equation memorized and every hug given. I held the feel of a favorite sweater and the release of endorphins at the sight of a loved one.

I held a life in the palm of my hands.

Yes, a body, a life, is more than a brain. It needs a beating heart and breathing lungs. But if a heart gives out, it can be replaced. If a lung collapses, a new one can be transplanted in. But if a brain quits, there is no substitute. Because without that brain, you are no longer you. I am no longer me. This person is no longer this person.

I held the part of the body that made this person unique.

I held this person’s life in my hands.

So thank you, Person Who Donated His or Her Body to Science.Your brain did not go to waste. We are using it to help people with mental disorders. Today I held your life in my hands. I felt the gravity of it. I still feel awestruck. I learned so much from your brain today. I learned so much hands-on science, but I also learned what it means to be alive. Thank you, for donating your body to science so that I may learn from your death and help others defeat it.

Holding a human brain wasn’t on my bucket list, but I feel like everyone should add it.

Because today I held a human brain in my hands and it was fucking amazing.

picture from my human anatomy coloring book that I absolutely love


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