New house, new terrors.

For the first week of my internship, my dad and I lived in the big Windspirit house by ourselves. We only had the furniture from his apartment, so it looked funny. We had a tiny mini fridge where the big fridge should’ve been, we had a blow up mattress in Matt’s room that I slept on because the fan in my room was broken, I showered upstairs because the downstairs shower had no hot water, and we had no washer or dryer, which I really needed. Thank goodness we had The Napping Couch, but that’s a whole different story.

Dad and I had a great time that first week. We were both up early for work every day. He made us eggs for breakfast and I used an old french press to make us coffee since we didn’t have a real coffee maker. After work, dad would cook ‘dinner’, which I learned meant just a huge slab of meat. Dad and I flew together to the wedding, but he stayed up in Nebraska to help Mom pack up the Broadwater house.

So for the second week I was alone in the big house with a mini fridge stuffed full of various meats. I moved into the master bedroom because I was tired of sleeping on the blowup mattress. Their shower is big enough for me to stretch my really long arms out by my sides and spin in a full circle, so it’s a nice place to relax. Basically I woke up, went to work, came home, got in my swimsuit, laid by the pool until the sun was entirely gone, took a long shower or soaked in the bathtub, and then watched Grey’s Anatomy or read until I fell asleep.

It was a good time. I never wore pants or a bra and I just chilled without anyone telling me what to do. I did miss telling someone about my day. Dad is a great listener. When I talk about science stuff and he doesn’t really know what I’m saying, he still acts interested and asks questions. Unlike mom who just tells people that I have to touch rats and then doesn’t want to hear about anything else. Anyway, there was this one day I finished all my work but I didn’t want to go home so I stayed and talked to Jennifer while she cut brains with a deli slicer for two hours. I don’t know if I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t want to be alone or because the air conditioning at the house was broken or because the house had a scorpion infestation. I’m going to blame the scorpions, even though the broken AC was pretty fucking shitty.

The day my dad left, he told me he killed three scorpions that morning and I should be on the look out and always wear shoes around the house. Oh and I should check inside my shoes for scorpions before I put them on. It was a scary time. I checked for scorpions everywhere I went, but if they weren’t in my direct line of sight I didn’t search them out. I killed three scorpions in my week of alone time. Honestly, they are pretty scary. I’ve been told that scorpions come with the scenic Hill Country views.

The next week, my parents came down with all the stuff from the Broadwater house. I was in College Station staying at my grandparents’ house for the weekend, mostly because it was air conditioned and scorpion free, but also because I didn’t have to help the movers unpack boxes. But when I got back on Sunday, my house had transformed into my real house. We had a full sized fridge and a washer and dryer. I got my bed and my furniture. My mom and my dog also moved in. My routine of doing only want I wanted changed drastically. My mom was constantly asking me to do things, but my work at the fellowship had really picked up and I had tons to do.

After only a few days of unpacking, my grandparents made a surprise visit. They brought their golden retriever, Max, who is really cute but is not well trained. Our dog, Callie, is a 16 year old golden lab mix and just wants to be fed and petted. Max wouldn’t leave her alone, even when Callie growled to warn him off, so my parents had to keep her in their room all day long while Max got to be out with the rest of us. Max couldn’t be put in a room because he is so bad that he would tear the room apart. It was a really sad time for Callie.

Then my brother came to visit for Father’s Day, but also because he had an interview with the San Antonio Spurs for a sports management internship. He’s pretty sure he got the job, which I don’t doubt because he is incredibly charismatic. My mom wanted to hear all about it, which kinda hurt because she isn’t interested in what I’m doing. I get that it’s easier to understand sports management than scientific research, but she could at least pretend to be that interested in what I’m doing instead of dismissing it like I’m cleaning rat cages all day instead of doing specialized work to find a cure for a disease. Just for the record, I don’t clean any rat cages.

The whole fam went to Topgolf for Father’s Day. I had a lot of fun, because I actually didn’t suck that bad. Sure I had some terrible swings where I missed the ball, but most of my shots were pretty good. My grandma hated the whole thing and wrote thank you notes or played on her iPad the whole time. I’m not sure who she was thanking or what she was thanking them for, but she was in a terrible mood. Mom started out having a good time, but she really sucked so her mood quickly deteriorated. When I say she really sucked, I mean that my dad had a great score of about 120 and my mom ended with score of -2

Anyway, my level of family interaction went from 0 to 100 real quick. I’ve seen my grandparents more in the last month than I did the entire last school year. I went from being alone at home to having my extended family there every time I came home from work and just wanted a little time to myself. It was a lot of family time when I really just wanted to hangout with the other six people in my fellowship program. My grandparents and my brother went back to College Station, so this week should calm down a little more.

We also got out house sprayed for scorpions, but that only ‘prevents’ new ones from coming in. We are continuing to find them all over. We thought they couldn’t climb, but we saw one on the stairs so now Dad checks all our beds for scorpions before we go to sleep. We all wear flip flops around the house and never leave shoes on the ground. I’ve been having dreams of giant scorpions attacking me. But the weirdest dream I’ve had lately is that I was the woman that Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce on and then Beyonce always find me and kills me. I’m not sure if I should be scared of Beyonce or grateful that she touched me, even if it ends in my death. Anyway, it happens at least twice a week and I like it a lot more than the giant scorpion dream.



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