It’s been two weeks since my last post.

But it feels so much longer than that, because these two weeks have been incredibly important.

I left my laptop on the couch in Omaha when I drove down to San Antonio, so that’s part of the reason for the radio silence. It was too annoying to try to post from my phone so I just thought I’d write everything that happened once I got my computer back. But I’ve had it back for more than a week and I still haven’t posted.

What do I do now? I didn’t write about events as they happened, so in many ways I have missed out on recording the true emotions of the experiences. I have forgotten details. Some of the things that were so foreign to me two weeks ago seem routine now. Things that scared me two weeks ago seem insignificant. Things that seemed out of my depth are now conquerable and conquered.

I have done a lot of growing up in these fourteen days. A lot has changed. I’ve traveled every weekend for the past month. If it was any other two weeks, I would probably just jump right back in with a post about today, but if I did that nothing would make sense. And because I am writing this blog primarily for my future self to look back on, I feel like I need to explain what has happened instead of leaving these days a blind spot in my past.

It kinda sounds like some big trauma happened, but that’s not it. I just went through several big life changes very suddenly. I’ve been on sensory overload. I go to bed at like nine because my mind and body just can’t take any more.

And now I have written 305 words about how I don’t know how to write about the past fourteen days instead of writing about those days themselves.

I guess all I want to say is a lot of things are happening right now and I can’t keep up with my life enough to blog about them. But I also decided in this post that is important for me to write about my experiences instead of just starting fresh so that’s where we are going from here.

Should I even post this?


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