I spent my first eighteen days of summer in my hometown.

Here’s a list of shit I did.

  • caught up on the real housewives of everywhere with my mom
  • attended a squad party at the club and got way too drunk and way too high
  • spent the next morning puking straight vodka in Gabbie’s toilet
  • went hungover to Alexandra’s graduation and talked to tiny high schoolers and old people, but mostly I hung out in the kitchen with Zak while he scooped piles of salt onto Qdoba chips
  • reunited with Jenna at Rachel’s grad party and was then accosted by Mr. Morris, my freshman history teacher
  • sat at Alexandra’s two and a half hour graduation ceremony
  • went to our high school hangout, Freddy’s, for a lunch with Gabs
  • roamed around Hobby Lobby for two hours with Jenna then made those little perler bead animals and watched old episodes of vampire diaries
  • dined with the Rogerson’s before Tanner’s show at the Blatt then the Slowdown
  • stole my mom’s bottle of uv blue because she’s too old to be drinkning that shit
  • met jack’s new girlfriends and found out they met because he was her drug dealer until he got caught with acid
  • watched three seasons of Grey’s, read a new series of books, slept way too much
  • supported Alexandra at her state track meet, where she got second in the 4×1 and 4×4
  • went to Reagan’s graduation party, narrowly escaping and Egbert sighting
  • had lunch with Blake and Cory, then watched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and got serenaded by Blake on guitar
  • played with snapchat filters with Blake and Erika
  • bought Chacos with Erika
  • went to Olsen’s Bake Shop to get yummy 50 cent donuts and then to stand in two places at once on the Pedestrian Bridge with Alexandra
  • journeyed to Nebraska Furniture Mart to buy Gabbie’s record player with her, then found her favorite band, Twin Peaks, new album on vinyl at Almost Music
  • took way too many selfies with my dog
  • ate banana pudding at my moms going away dinner at the Rogerson’s 
  • had a long chat with Erika 

Here’s some pics that capture these moments. 


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