We are in the midst of finals week. This semester I took organic chemistry, genetics, three dimensional analytical calculus, two labs, and English composition. Although my grades aren’t going to be great, I did learn tons of cool stuff and my love for learning only grew. Here are some of the coolest things I learned through my studies this semester:

  • drawing in 3D is really freaking hard and I still completely suck at it
  • when it says not to take a chemical out from under the hood, it probably because its extremely flammable
  • genetically modifying rice to produce higher yields can literally make you a millionaire, just ask my genetics professor
  • I am a homozygous non taster for PTC, meaning if I was a wild animal I would probably die from eating something poisonous
  • dilute chloroform will not make you pass out no matter how much you smell it
  • I have a burning hatred for nuclear magnetic resonance
  • most couples are infertile due to chromosomal translocations that prevent viable eggs and sperm
  • water going into a pipe is the same as water going out of a pipe whether you put on a mesh cover in the shape of a cone or in the shape of a flat plane
  • the centrifuge makes a horrible sound if you turn it on without the lid
  • swedish professors write all of their greek letters differently, especially phi
  • keto-enol tautomerization of nucleic aids causes DNA polymerase III to incorrectly pair bases resulting in single nucleotide polymorphisms that cause many diseases
  • I have mastered the skills required to safely produce high quality methamphetamine
  • fewer is used to describe amounts you can count while less is used for amounts you can’t quantify
  • I literally love A&M so much
  • most good smells come from ester containing compounds
  • the Zika virus could be eradicated within months without hurting mosquitos if the CRISPR/Cas9 system was used to molecularly cut out the DNA sequence that transmits the disease to humans
  • HIV and many genetic disorders may be cured by the CRISPR/Cas9 system but it still hasn’t been tested in humans do to ethical dilemmas
  • I can compute integrations that are beyond the scope of any calculator or computer program
  • phage therapy is the new technique to overcome antibiotic resistance
  • my English class was more pointless than I expected because I can’t think of a single thing I learned besides the less vs. fewer
  • if you use the heat gun on TLC paper for too long it will catch fire and smell really bad
  • but that’s okay because lots of things catch fire in organic chemistry lab and you weren’t the only one
  • professors make mistakes, like leaving the answers on the four last and most difficult questions of your final
  • something like that^ only happens once in a lifetime
  • some spaceship crashed because its engineers did not use the correct triple integration domain, which I now know how to compute correctly
  • I’m smart, but not that smart, which is pretty important information

Academically, I learned so much this semester. I discovered my love for genetics and drug research, which I hope to foster this summer. I didn’t learn that much math because I spent the whole class drooling over my hunky Swedish professor. Whether genetics or chemistry, my lab skills really are terrible and I’m lucky to make it out alive. I know that organic chemistry is great in theory, but not so great in practice. College is a pretty great place to learn shit that is pretty damn cool, especially when you love science.


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