Last weekend was Parents’ Weekend and Ring Day.

If you don’t know anything about Texas A&M then, just know we have a lot of traditions. One of the best is the ring dunk. When you complete 90 credit hours, you get your Aggie ring. Aggie ring day is a fancy event with your closest friends and family. But after that, the real fun begins. The weekends after ring day are packed with ring dunks. They are like huge group graduation parties except they are way more fun.

Everyone is there to watch the students who just got their ring drop it in a pitcher of beer and chug as fast as they can.

My parents always tell me that ring dunks weren’t always this way. My mom just went to the Chicken and all her friends put their rings in a pitcher and sipped it all night long, but now the details of the tradition are endless. The pitcher, which must be a&m, is filled with beer and set out the night before so it can flatten. Right before the dunk, the dunkers take exactly two shots for some unknown reason. I think someone decided it would go down smoother. Dunkers wear ponchos and cowboy boots and girls put their hair up to stay competitive. Then you start chugging at the minute of your graduation year. For example, I graduate in 2018 so I will start my dunk at like 7:18 or 8:18. The rest is simple: chug as fast as you can.

It’s normal for dunkers to chug so hard that they puke. A lot of girls just close their mouths and pour the beer down their poncho, but this is considered very bad form. People who don’t drink normally dunk in tea. Finishing in under a minute is acceptable, but any more is embarrassing. Lainey was the president of tridelt last year and she dunked in 22 seconds. My big, Sarah Bankhead, was a huge disappointment to the family because she was the last of her group to finish.

Dunks are just another one of the reasons that I love A&M. Our traditions sound crazy, but they unite us in a way no other school understands. I honestly can’t wait for my ring dunk.

ps – my cornrow days are over 😦


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