Last night, tridelt killed Stompfest.

I mean, we didn’t place but we left everything on the stage. I had so much fun.

Stompfest pairs a CPC sorority with a NPHC fraternity or sorority. The NPHC group teaches us a stomp routine using their sacred steps derived from traditional rural African dances. The sororities face off in a competition, and the winning pair gets bragging rights for an entire year. Since there are 12 CPCs and only 7 NPHCs, not every sorority gets to compete. The NPHCs pick who they want to work with based on past Stompfest and Songfest wins. We weren’t chosen last year, but since we DDDominated Songfest this year, we got back in the competition. Since most of our chapter was new to Stompfest, it wasn’t really a surprise that we didn’t win. Also, DG has won the past three years. Their performance was honestly great. So congrats, Jenna, your sister sorority rocks my socks.

There are I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but we practiced for about three months. We were paired with Delta Sigma Theta, and they were amazing. Their Stepmaster, Nicole, was so fun and taught us some really great stomps. The Stompfest theme was Once Upon a Time and we were assigned Little Red Riding Hood. I was only in the founder’s stomp and stomp 1 because those were the easiest, but everyone said stomp 1 looked amazing because we had so much power and we had so much fun with it. I’m also the last person on stage for the ending strut. My and Taylor Johnson were suppose to drop it at the end, but my line moved too fast so I was droppin it in the wing and she was solo on stage. Just know that I was suppose to do that same booty drop, but you can’t see me. Sad times.

I’ll put the link on here when someone posts the video.


  dirty delta // whoops 

brit brat 

my hood little

casey j 

We came to show you why tridelta is the best of the best // three hundred thousand women wouldn’t settle for less // yeah were sassy and cool and we came to show out // and we go hard for our sorority no questions no doubts



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