If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

On Thursday we had a date party themed Delta Drive-In, so we were suppose to go as our favorite movie characters. Claire and I were going to go as Jurassic World rangers, but Grace reminded us that we promised to take dates to this one. We did look at Jurassic park costumes, but the inflatable Trex was $700, so we decided to take a different route. We went as the Average Joes from Dodgeball. I thought everyone knew Dodgeball, but I guess a lot of people didn’t so we just looked like a massive group of people wearing all yellow.

Grace set me up with this guy named Matt Rando. He is Grace’s boyfriend Jacob’s friend because they are in Aggie Outdoors together. Actually, everyone but Grace, Claire, and I were in Aggie Outdoors. Before I met Matt, we stalked him and he had a very elaborate facebook profile for a guy. He had 69 profile pics (lol) dating back way too far, but they were hilarious. This stalking session when way better than last time. Last time we tried to stalk someone on facebook, I accidentally tagged myself in his profile pic. Just another reason why I shouldn’t be allowed to do anything technology related.

Anyways, Matt is 6’5 and cute and funny and nice and manly and outdoorsy. So naturally I was super nervous. I was so nervous that I drank too much, which led to some very questionable dancing. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if I was called into standards for dirty dancing because my whole body is sore from shaking it so hard. I didn’t strip or dance on any elevated surfaces, but you could tell I was slightly intoxicated. I was so intimidated that I barely talked to my date. I just felt so insecure like he wasn’t going to like me. But what if he had liked me? That would’ve been almost worse. Anyways, I effectively ignored him and still had a great night.

After the date party we went back to Jacob’s place for the average joe after party. I had lots of fun there too. We just drank more and the guys smoked and we talked. Finally at like 2am I asked Grace if we were going home soon and she said she was staying the night with Jacob. We thought we were stranded. Since we don’t go out much, we don’t know how to do normal things like Uber, so Blair Harris took us home. She’s in Aggie Outdoors and tridelt and she was so nice the whole night. She always looks a little bit scary and a little big emo because she is literally always wearing this thick black choker, but she is actually super sweet. Shelby Edwards is also amazing. She was super drunk and kept telling us how much she loved us and everything.

I showered and chugged a water bottle to fend off my hangover, then passed out. I made it to my 8am the next morning, which is a surprise yet a relief. I have three tests and a paper due next week so I really needed to wake up, go to class, and get shit done. I woke up and I’ve gone to class so now I just need to get shit done.

I think I’ll start that after I take a nice, long nap.


‘gluten free’ grace pigging out on popcorn 


reagan & her boy daniel, me & my girl claire, grace & her boy jacob


matt and jeran fucking up a delta


my fav pic from the night


fucking squad


pic with momma b // i was kinda drunk 


after we killed it on the dance floor


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