IMG_0444On Sunday, Baby Avery Claire got baptized.

It was at my grandma’s super traditional church, but it was really pretty. Avery was in a really fussy mood but she got through the ceremony. I think it was because she doesn’t like dressing up and her dress was huge. I didn’t want to dress up either, but I wore my white sac to match Avery.

Infants are never baptized in the Bible. It’s something we made up after. Somebody, I think it was some Catholic saint, said that everyone is born with ‘original sin’ like the one of Adam and Eve. People worried that their kids were going to hell if they died before they truly knew what it meant to accept Jesus as their savior, so they started baptizing babies to cleanse them of the original sin. I have a hard time believing God would send kids to hell because they died before they got the chance to know Jesus. Then I thought, he lets adults who have never had the opprtuntity to know Jesus go to hell so maybe he does send kids there. I consulted my Bible expert, Margaret, and she said God keeps kids safe in His arms until they are ready to make their own decision about Jesus. And then, like every parent does, He lets us go. That was a good enough answer for me. After all, Marge went to a Baptist school and has preacher parents.

Even though my parents aren’t religious, my grandma made sure I was baptized. My grandma isn’t very religious either. She goes to church and sings in the choir, but she’s never talked to me about Jesus and I’ve never seen her with a Bible. I guess getting your baby baptized is just something you do. A baby doesn’t know what’s going on.

Baptism really means that you start your life in Christ. A three month old can’t make that decision, so I don’t really know why we baptize them. I kinda want to get baptized again. I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior and as my bff. I’ve put my trust in Him. I’m starting to let my thoughts revolve around His love for me and the ways in which I can display that unconditional, unfailing love to others. Of course, I will never be able to love like Jesus does, but I can try my hardest. I feel like my relationship with God is the main reason why I’m so happy lately. Even with all the shit I’m trying to work through and every time I fall flat on my face, I know Jesus is there, offering His hand to help me up, dust me off, and lead me back down the right path. I’m no longer constantly worried about my future. I know that if I use the passions He has planted in my heart to love others, I will have an amazing life.

My confidence in myself comes from my confidence in God.

Like I said, I kinda want to get baptized again. I think my parents would think it was weird. I think people would wonder why I’m so old and just now getting baptized. I don’t even know how this summer is going to work out. I’m no longer around all of my super religious friends. Instead, it will be my parents and my lab coworkers. It’s not the best environment to foster a new love for Jesus, but I’ll make it work. Maybe I’ll add ‘get baptized’ to my bucket list and someday I’ll do it.

For now, I’m so happy for Avery Claire and I can’t wait until she can know Jesus like I do.



crying bc avery and I don’t like to dress up // gma’s church


when you get a whole cake for yourself // april 3





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