TAMU started The Big Event, a campus wide service event for the community we live in. It has spread throughout Texas schools, and even to other states like Florida.

Basically, volunteers go out and ask the community members if there is anything they could use some help with. Most people respond with yard work or cleaning. Then on April 2, the send out students with tools to do whatever the people asked for.

Last year, I was with Claire and they wanted some yard work done. First, the man asked us to chop down this sapling tree thing. He handed me a machete, so I went to town trying to chop it down. Then the woman came outside and yelled at me and told me I was suppose to dig it up. Except they didn’t have a shovel and the big event didn’t give us one, so she has us dig up the tree with spoons. We eventually got the sapling dug up and I’m pretty sure we discovered a new species of prehistoric insect. Our people didn’t thank us or feed us like the community members normally do. I think they were holding a grudge for my machete use. Anyways, it was terrible but I have great memories because it was with Claire.

This year was completely different. We were assigned this children’s carnival. It’s right up Claire’s alley, but not so much mine. I saw that there was a jousting station that needed to be staffed, so I elbowed some other volunteers out of the way to get it. I helped the bounce-a-lot guy set up all of the inflatables, then I asked him if I could ‘test out’ the jousting against my friends. He said yes.

Everyone who challenged me fell to my power. I have a long reach and a pretty powerful swing, so no one stood a chance. After a while they made me get off so the others would have a chance to win. I was encouraging everyone to swing harder when all of the inflatables started going down. There were a couple girls in the bounce house, and it was going down fast.

I don’t want to call myself a hero, but I totally was. Any witness will tell you that I sprinted to the bounce house and climbed in to get the people out. I held the exit open as they got out and then I slid to safety. Earlier this week, I had also saved a life. The fire alarm went off and instead of getting myself out, I checked the rooms to make sure people were leaving. I saw McKenna sleeping peacefully and woke her up and got her out of the house. It turned out to be a fire drill, but we didn’t know that as we were racing to get out. Basically, I’m a protective badass that you want on your side during a crisis. I even won and award for it. DOW – dolphin of the week that goes to a sister who went out of her way for others. If that doesn’t describe me than I don’t know what does.

Anyways, everyone was freaked out about the generators going out while the kids were on the bounce house, so the bounce-a-lot guy gave me his number. I’m sure he was also impressed by my jousting skills and firefighter-like instincts. But the generators were fine so I didn’t get to use his number. Darn. The bounce-a-lot guy and I had such a brightly colored future.

So I basically volunteered by yelling at kids to “hit each other harder!” “Put your back into it!” “Go for the knees!” “Be aggressive!” “don’t be a loser!” “Stop hitting like a whimp!” and my favorite “don’t be afraid to fight dirty!”

Needless to say, it was a fun day.

big event 2015 // claire about to nail me with a shovel while I hold the precious sapling



big event 2016 // jousting skills ft. sarah mack


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