Last Friday I went to see my parents new rental house in San Antonio.

It’s like they were expecting me to love or hate it, but I honestly don’t care anymore. We’ve been doing this house hunting thing for like a year and I’ve run out of fucks to give. They wanted me to pick out my room and everything, but I’m going to be living there for a summer so it’s not that big of a deal. They are renting it so they won’t even be living in it for long. I just don’t care. My dorm room last year was tiny and my roommate was a wacko hermit so I was never alone. This year I live in an even smaller room in a house with 45 other girls. Next year my house has wood paneling and a railroad kitchen. So basically anything my parents have is going to be a million times better than were I have lived for the past two years or will live for the next two years. It does have a pool and a hot tub which is nice. I told them I liked that. I’m still sad about leaving the Broadwater house and I’m not excited to be in San Antonio for the summer without knowing anyone besides my parents and Grandma Lexy.

Time with my parents is just weird now. I feel like I don’t know them and they don’t know me. My mom was in San Antonio for the week but wasn’t even going to come visit us in College Station until she heard that Aggie baseball was playing LSU. We went to the game and we won the series and now Aggie baseball is #1 in the country so that’s pretty cool. The game was freezing, but we had a good time.

My dad fixed my broken tail light (I ran into a pole but my parents think someone hit my car in the parking lot and didn’t leave a note. The damage wasn’t even that bad) and he washed my car and vacuumed out the inside. He was super mad because its been like 5000 miles since I needed an oil change but I still haven’t gone in. I’m suppose to be getting it done right now but when I called they said I’d have to wait an hour which I am not going to do. If Carly has waited this long, she can wait a little longer.

I think that’s about all that happened.






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