So I made an appointment to talk to my academic advisor about getting research credit for my UTHSCSA fellowship.

Then I got an email saying my advisor died.

Biochemistry is a very small major at a very big university. We have a community feel. I recognize most of the people in my major. Trina was our only advisor, so she helped all of us through every step of our journey at A&M. She helped me register for classes at my new student conference, she helped me make my degree plan, she catered my degree plan to include all the courses I needed for pharmacy school, and she helped me get in contact with all the people I needed to bother to get credit for studying abroad. I was just bragging to Grace about being able to get an appointment to talk to Trina in two days instead of having to wait weeks like most other majors.

We haven’t heard a lot of information about what happened. The email we as biochemistry students received said that she had been out for a while with the flu and then passed away suddenly. The story is pretty confusing. Trina wasn’t old or frail, so there’s no reason that the flu should’ve killed her. I wish they would give us more accurate information.

I didn’t know Trina well, but she made a huge impact on my time here at A&M so far. She was willing to work with you but still willing to tell you straight up what your problems were. She was funny and relatable and always ready to help. She will truly be missed. Please join me in praying for her family through this difficult time.



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