Well I did it. I finally got accepted to something.

I picked up my grandparents from the airport today and they were asked me how my summer research search was going. I had been rejected from many, accepted to none. Granted, I explained to them that I had accidentally applied for 10 jobs as a laborer because I thought they said lab worker. I know it’s stupid and like hello can I even read but getting rejected from those jobs kinda sucked. I don’t even have enough skill to operate a lawnmower. Not that I want to be mowing lawns, but I’m sure as hell smart enough to figure it out.

Anyway, I have been getting loads of emails over the past week rejecting me from all 10 laborer jobs. Three different cruise ships told me I did not have enough experience as a waitress or on a cruise ship. It’s very true. I have never waitressed or been on a cruise ship. I also got rejected from the CDC as the equipment sterilizer and as the epidemiology intern. I don’t have enough experience. The sea turtle conservation internship flat out told me I wasn’t the best candidate. Touche, sea turtles. The national park tour guide people told me I didn’t live close enough to any national parks and they didn’t want to have to find me a place to live.

I applied to lots of the random jobs because I figured I would get at least one of them. Newsflash: I’m actually not qualified to do like anything lol. I just don’t want to spend my summer doing nothing. If I can’t do something I love, I was at least going to do something legitimately cool. I am tired of the endless cycle of sleeping, drinking, and binge watching netflix all summer. I just want this summer to mean a little more. I want to earn some money to get my mom off my back and I want to do something that not everyone else does. I thought these random jobs would be the answer, but it turned out I have something even better in store.

As I was rattling off all of my rejections to my grandparents, I got an email. I was really expecting it to be another rejection, but it wasn’t. It was from the University of Texas Health and Science Research Center of San Antonio and they accepted me to their Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in pharmacology. I am literally so happy. This is the dream. This was one of my top choices, behind Harvard and Cornell, which are too far North for the summer anyways. My mom is really happy that I will be living with her and my dad for the summer. I’m not that happy about it, but at least the house has a hot tub and a pool. I just can’t believe I’m one of the undergraduates that have the opportunity to participate in this program.

It honestly seems pretty intense. All of the labs at UTHSCSA are focused on mental illness or cancer pharmacology. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we spend our mornings in the classroom learning about neuropharmacy and we spend the rest of our time in our research labs. There’s still a number of things I need to get sorted out, but for now I am incredibly happy. I guess next time I will try not to be so pessimistic when I’m getting rejected from tons of stuff. Better things could be right around the corner.








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