It’s spring break so Grace and I went on a roadtrip to New Braunfelds.

We hung out all the night before then planned to leave at 9 the next morning. Well that didn’t exactly happen. I woke up around 9 and got ready and everything, then called Grace. I had to call her 23 times before she woke up. I pulled into her driveway just as she opened the door with a confused expression. She cooked me eggs and got her stuff together and we were finally on our way. Grace DJed our 2 and a half hour drive and we had lots of great conversations.

We finally made it to Jacob’s well and it was closed to swimming. I guess all the rain had broken the dam and the water was too shallow. I was so close to jumping in anyway, but the park ranger caught me and told me he’d arrest me. I was just looking for a little excitement, not a night in jail, so I kept my feet firmly planted on the limestone.

We took a few pics, but left the well disappointed.

We went to the Guadalupe River to try to swim there, but the rapids were too fast for swimming. We debated tubing down the river, but decided to walk around the cute little town of Greune instead. It was really, really cute. I ate chicken fried steak at the Gristmill and tried all the flavors of honey butter at the local general store.

With anyone else this trip would’ve been a total bust, but I had an amazing time with Grace. She is truly a great friend and I couldn’t have asked for a better roadtrip buddy. It was really sad to drop her off at her boyfriend’s house. They are backpacking through the mountains this week. They wanted me to come with them, and I would’ve, but I don’t have enough money to buy all of the supplies I would need. They are doing real backpacking where they are carrying everything they need for five days and I just can’t afford the gear I would need to go with them.

But I had the best time with her and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.








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