So I have been in this mood where I just do everything I want to do.

It’s been incredibly fun, but also not great for my grades. School has always been my focus, but these past few weeks I’ve been doing what I want when I want and taking the pressure off of myself. I don’t have to get 100’s on all of my test and assignments and papers. It’s more important for me to be happy than to be a straight A student. But surprisingly, I’ve gotten A’s on all of my tests I’ve taken in the past two weeks even though I haven’t been studying nearly as hard as I normally do.

But whatever. I’m smart enough to give myself a break every once in a while. I’ve been spending lots of time chatting with people. I’ve been spending lots of days under my tree at the park. I’ve been saying yes to things I would normally deny. I’ve applied for loads of cool summer jobs, including cruise ship waitress, national park tour guide, sea turtle conservation intern, and Center of Disease Control equipment sterilizer.

I honestly don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just trying to take advantage of all the opportunities out there. Which leads me to hair tapestries.

I was just sitting in the library “studying” when my mind wandered back to summer. I love summer. It’s all about hair wraps and henna and rivers and lakes and warm nights and tan skin and smiles and friends and laughter. Then I thought back to when the GMhoes were talking about hair tapestries and I decided I was going to get one. I called a couple of salons and finally found one that said they would set me up for a consult and see what they could do. So I went in and talked this lady through basket weaving embroidery thread into my hair.

It looks cool and I love it. It’s messy at the top, so I paired it with a few small braids around it for the I-don’t-give-a-fuck bohemian vibe. I honestly love it. People ask me what it is all the time and I don’t know what to tell them because I’m not exactly sure what it is. I just know that its chill and I love it so I don’t care that what any one else thinks.

I’m in a mood where I just do literally everything I think I might want to do. I’ve always been a happy person, and this mood has lifted that extra stress I’ve been feeling lately. People ask me why I’m not stressed out when I have so much to do. I just reply that I know my life is going to be fucking amazing regardless of my grade on a 3D analytical calculus test.

I’ve overcome a lot. We’ve picked out some major areas in my life where I’m having huge side effects from my experience. Apparently, I haven’t dealt with my experience very well. He is making me come in twice over spring break because he is worried about another ‘trigger.’ Get this: I’m categorized under ‘severe’ in his files!!! lol cause I’m doing great. I’m getting help, I’m smart, I’m happy, I’m driven and I have a hair tapestry. Beat that.

starting new trends // march 8 



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