This is just a page of memories that I never want to forget.

blake lively

After my freshman year of college, I was ready for a hair change. My mom started dying my hair when I was in like fourth grade. The blonde had started fading out of my hair, and neither of us wanted that. I loved dying my hair blonde, but after my first year of college I didn’t want to keep up the maintenance anymore. I started looking at new hair colors and found that Blake Lively had recently dyed her hair a color she dubbed ‘bronde’. It was just a mix between brown and blonde, not chunky looking but just a color that isn’t seen often. I got my hair lady, Melissa, to make me look exactly like Blake. I was so in love with my new hair color that I made my mom take pictures of me to look like the ones Blake posted of herself. I posted the comparison of our pics on Insta, and BLAKE LIVELY LIKED MY PIC! Of course I tweeted the proof that she liked my photo. It was a really exciting moment in my life I still brag about it. For maybe 20 seconds, Blake freaking Lively knew who I was. It was a great moment.


me trying to be blake // august 2015


songfest 2015

Songfest is a philanthropy event put on by Chi Omega where women’s organizations pair up with men’s organizations and basically compete in a dance off. It’s a huge deal and we practice for almost a semester. Madison Meek, my friend Lindsay’s big, was our songfest chair last year. We were paired with E1/E2, who would be the cool jock of the corps if any of the corps was cool. They aren’t the best organization to be paired with, but we really sucked in years prior so we didn’t have much hope of getting paired with a good men’s organization. Our theme was nightmares, so it was about a little girl basically going crazy and being possessed by her nightmares. It sounds stupid, but trust me it was legit. One of the girls in my pledge class, Taylor, is on the Aggie Dance Team, so she played the little girl. I got to play the only other speaking part, the grandmother, because everyone knows I’m fucking hilarious. And Madison loves me so she gave me the part.

We worked hard for like three months to put together a killer dance and then we preformed two shows live. I loved preforming. It’s a rush that I didn’t really know existed. Anyways, we came in second after Theta and Ol Ags, who did the hunger games. There’s was really flashy and pretty darn good, but we definitely came in a close second. I think the judges said there was a two point difference between us. Anyways, we went from being one of the worst acts the year before to placing second and we were all stoked! It was also Madison’s 21st birthday, so she was having a huge party. I washed off my grandma costume and went with Claire to her party. We had a great time. Madison loves tequila shots and no one else liked them, so I ended up taking way to many shots with her. I seriously had a blast until Claire died. Then we called Grace’s boyfriend to pick us up and I put her to bed. I even left her a glass of water and advil by her bed.

I thought I was fine, but I obviously wasn’t. In the morning I woke up in our presidents bed. OUR PRESIDENT’S BED. I couldn’t have fallen asleep in someone else’s bed? I was alone, but her room is on the opposite end of the house and I was pantless. After some serious searching, I figured out that I left my keys and wallet on the grand piano, I had kicked off my shoes in the mini kitchen, and I had left my pants in Cassidy’s room while she was asleep. Yeah, I know that’s creepy. I was obviously very, very drunk. I had a huge hangover the next morning, but I was suppose to get breakfast with my family. They were in town for my brothers ring dunk, but I had to miss it because he planned it during songfest. My parents picked me up and I was fucking miserable. I finally had to own up to it and tell them I was seriously hungover and needed to go back to bed. They weren’t even mad, so that’s a good thing, but I still get shit for being so hungover that I couldn’t sit through breakfast.

I absolutely loved songfest and I had an amazing time at Madison’s party. It was probably the most fun ‘college’ night I’ve had yet. And when I told Lainey, our president, that I had woken up in her bed that morning, she thought it was hilarious. Everyone is so shocked when I do something ‘bad’ because I have such a good reputation as a nerd. What’s the point of a good rep if you can’t fuck it up every now and then?


madison, taylor and I // please forgive our scary eyes


lindsay, claire, madison and me holding our prize money // madison’s house


turks and caicos

For my freshman year spring break I went to Lindsey Ligon’s condo in Turks and Caicos, which is part of the Caribbean. It was prettiest beach I’ve ever seen. I went with Lindsey, Claire, Grace, Katie, and a GPhiB named Emily. We had a blast. Even though We aren’t really friends with Lindsey anymore, it’s still one of my favorite memories from freshman year. We laid on the beach and sipped alcoholic drinks and took way too many pictures. We snorkeled and sang karaoke and loved every minute of our time there. Or waiter during teh day was also the karaoke host at the local club every night!! I’m just going to overload this with beautiful pics that are going to make me wish I was going back forever.




The summer after my freshman year, Erika and I went to see Jack at Mizzou. It was a short trip, but it was very important. I got so drunk that I smoked weed with Jack. For the first time.  I honestly don’t remember much, which is pretty easy to believe since I had to be drunk as hell for Jack to convince me to smoke. Most of my homaha squad smoke weed and worse so I had pretty strong morals to not have said no all those times. But I guess I was just so wasted already that I wanted to smoke. I don’t regret it, but then again I was too crossfaded to remember anything. Anyway, here’s some pics of our enlightened trip.


delta dunkfest

We had a killer spring philanthropy event last year. It was a basketball tournament and so many teams came out to compete. We had teams of normal people, but I got to ‘coach’ the Texas Longhorn basketball team. I was able to put away my hatred for burnt orange long enough to coach them, which basically meant keeping track of their schedule. I coached Get Buckets all the way to second place. Thankfully, they lost to the Aggie basketball team in the final round. I had so much fun getting to know them because they were all taller than me. It was such a cool event and we all acted thug for the day. Julie and I have pics from delta dunkfest but we didn’t even know each other’s names!!



paddy murphy

Fraternities here don’t have philanthropy events like sororities do, but SAE holds a sorority competition where all the money raised goes to the winner. It’s a week long event that takes a ton of work and has a lot of different parts. Theres the penny war, tshirt sales, and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even remember. We made it to the final three so we competed in physical activities against DZ and GPhiB. We won the tug of war and the blowup boxing battle, but we lost the pitching contest so we battled with GPhiB in an obstacle course for the tiebreaker. AND WE FUCKIN WON!! We earned a huge trophy and $12,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research hospital! This extra money made us the top fundraising tridelt chapter in the NATION for 2014-2015 school year. So basically we are fucking amazing, super talented, and have philanthropic hearts. Rush TAMU tridelta.

rush skit

So during ‘recruitment’ we put on this huge skit called Delta Rock Cafe. We hang floor to ceiling black curtains and put down shiny black turf on our floor. We are known for having the best skit on the row. Basically, we change the words to popular songs to incorporate tridelt values and St. Jude and stuff. Since I can’t dance for crap, I tried out to be a bodyguard and got  the part. My job was to be hilarious, which I am amazing at lol. We ‘checked IDs’ as girls walked through the doors. I followed our president around as she floated up to people and I used my fake headset to talk to the other body guards. We secured the doors and basically made the girls feel like they were famous. During the performance, we stood in front of the stage and occasionally broke into a dance move. It was honestly the funnest day of recruitment. Something happened in the national panhellenic where they voted to ban skit night across the country, so that was the last time we will ever perform Delta Rock Cafe. I’m so sad we won’t be doing it, but I’m really happy that I got to be the bodyguard for our last performance.










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