it’s hard to spell rogers // maggie’s car

I had a great Sunday night.

I had just come back from the park. I normally sit under this tree and do my reading and writing homework for my Monday appointment. I didn’t want to be alone after that. I had already done too much thinking for one day. Julie, Grace, and Claire were all doing homework, but I couldn’t focus. I went to eat dinner and ended up staying in the mini kitchen for two hours just chatting with everyone.

I talked to Carolyn about her and Torrey’s room. After formal on Thursday, there room was trashed by some pranksters. They called me, even though I’m not house manager anymore. It made me feel like I had done a good job. I thought it had to have been boys who snuck in while there dates weren’t looking. Their drawers were emptied and their stuff was thrown everywhere. They put their desk chairs on their beds and duct taped their bras to the walls. It was so immature that I thought it had to be boys, but on Thursday Torrey got a text from some girls in our PC confessing that it was them. They said it was a joke, but messing with people’s personal space like that isn’t funny.

I talked to Elizabeth about her volunteer work. She goes three nights a week to an old folks home and reads bingo numbers. She has been forming relationships with these people who have amazing stories and it’s so fun to hear her talk about all of them. Old people aren’t really my thing. I find them kind of scary cause I feel like they will die at any moment. I guess it’s stupid that I don’t want to be around healthy old people but I volunteer in the stroke unit where it’s mainly old people circling the drain.

I talked to Torrey about her time in Zambia. She spends every break she can with her ten children she sponsors. She pays for all of their schooling and sends them care packages every month. She spends every moment she’s not in school with her kids over there. She’s been going since the beginning of high school. She was showing us pictures and tearing up as she talked about her kids’ horrible pasts. Torrey already has a job lined up at the school she sends her kids to. She just needs her degree and she wants spend the rest of her life helping more than just her ten kids succeed. I love that she’s committed her whole life to her kids and not just a week. It’s truly inspiring.

Then Maggie came in and started talking about her young life kiddos. She works with high schoolers in underprivledged areas and provides them with the support and love they need to grow and accomplish their goals. Maggie is always eating crappy cafeteria lunch with them or going to their soccer games. She is truly impacting her girls’ lives. We all know she is doing it from the purest place in her heart. There’s no cool factor when you help kids in your area instead of flying to some remote place. A lot of people don’t realize that theirs kids right down the street who need help. You don’t have to go to Africa to make an impact on kids’ lives.

Anyways, Maggie was craving a smoothie from Jamba Juice and I had a coupon so we hopped in Maggie’s van and went. I had never spent time outside of tridelt or living in the house with most of them, so it was cool to do something without my normal crowd. I was getting to know them so much better and I felt inspired by their stories. We found a tub full of musical instruments in the back of Maggie’s car and we started to jam. I had the tambourine. The maracas, a recorder, and a triangle were all banging in the backseat. We were all screaming the lyrics we thought we knew, but we butchered every song. We jammed to the theme song of tridelt: My House by Flo Rida. We also supplied background music to JB’s Sorry, Cake by the Ocean, and that song Hideaway. All the windows were rolled down and we got some seriously weird looks from everyone we passed. We were having so much fun. My heart felt so light.

I don’t know why it made such an impact on me, but I’m still smiling just thinking about it. My only thought was how much fun I was having. For the first time in a while, I didn’t feel like I was trying to think through the muddy water of my brain. Everything was clear. Nothing would ever take away my ability to have fun and be happy.

Maybe I should buy myself a tambourine.



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