I can’t study abroad in London this summer. It’s pretty shitty.

None of the courses will transfer credit, so it’s pointless to go. I need to get some credits this summer to graduate on time, so it just wasn’t an option.

I’ve been applying to a lot of summer programs to lessen the sting, but I’ve been rejected from all of them so far. lol @ me. Apparently you need research experience to get research experience. I have no research experience, so I can’t get research experience.

My last option is to live with Grace in her brothers house for the summer here in cstat. I would just take physics, history, and political science and be bored all the time. This is my most likely option right now.

I love A&M, I just want to do something cool and different for the summer. I guess I’ll just look into studying abroad next summer and hope that I can find a trip that gives me some sort of credit.


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