I signed my first lease yesterday.

I thought it was going to be this huge deal, but Julie and I raced to click the little ‘initial here’ boxes on our phones while we were waiting to get into tutoring. I finished first so I won.

I didn’t read it because figured Cassidy did, but she said she didn’t either. So we all signed this document without reading it. That’s probably really bad and not very adult of us. Cassidy said it’s fine because Worth is a pretty big company with lots of houses so they probably aren’t screwing us. I don’t know about that, but I wouldn’t understand the lease if I tried to read it, so I guess I’ll just deal with the repercussions.

Our leasing agent, Jack Parker, is a straight fuckboy. Just last week he threatened to give our house to someone else if we didn’t bring in our checks. We all thought we had paid because Jack didn’t tell us we had to pay the security deposit and the application fee in two different checks. Then he was offended when we asked for our other checks back so we could separate them. He is just so unorganized and arrogant. 

He just emailed us saying we have to sign the lease again because he spelt Claire’s name wrong. He thought her last name was Couch, but it’s Crouch. It’s not hard to click the blanks again, but it’s just another example of his stupidity. Cassidy said she’s actually going to have her dad read it before we sign it again since he works in the real estate business, so now Jack will probably have to answer a ton of questions.

For better or for worse we are moving into 1014 Milner Drive College Station, Tx, 77804.

I’m so happy we committed to a house. It has a tiny kitchen and wood panelling in the living spaces, but it’s pretty cute. It’s blue and has a little porch. I don’t know why the windows are covered in white paper in this pic, but they aren’t in real life. The company will send a guy to mow our lawn, which is amazing because none of us would’ve kept up with that. It’s $100 below my budget, so I have some wiggle room in utility payments. Most importantly, we all fell in love with it.

My parents are paying for my housing so it’s not like I’m doing this all by myself, but I feel good about this. My mom had no say in the house. She gave me a budget and we did everything else by ourselves. My mom can be super overbearing. I can’t exactly say no to her because she funds my life, but I like not having to ask for permission before I do something. I hope I can make some money this summer so I will rely less on her. Once I have my own money I can spend it on what I want and not consider her opinion. She’s my mother so I’ll always value her thoughts, but I am an independent person. I don’t need to call my mom when I’m upset and I never get homesick. Of course I love her and miss her. I cry every time I leave her, but I’m becoming an adult. It’s a scary thought, but it’s happening. I can and will do things by myself. 

I guess I should really read the lease before I sign it again.






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