I fucking hate laundry.

Every time I do laundry, I think about having to wash clothes every week for the rest of my life and I get so mad. It’s such a waste. According to my recent google search, the average mother spends five months of her life doing laundry. Five fucking months!! I could be doing so much more with those five months.

I hadn’t done laundry since my birthday, which was only possible because the weather has been so hot and cold lately. Last week it was like 40 degrees, so I wore all my leggings. It’s 75 degrees now, so I’m wearing all my shorts. But I’m officially out of tshirts, so I had to do laundry last night.

It took my three trips to carry all of my clothes to the laundry room. It was about six loads. Since I’m really tall, I hang dry everything that has long sleeves or long pants. I borrowed Claire’s drying rack, but that only hold like four pairs of pants, so I had to get creative. I put things on top my closet, laid them over my dresser, heated them on my lamp,  and hung them off the ceiling fan. I still haven’t folded my tshirts or put away any of my clothes. Most of it is just hanging around or stuffed back into my laundry basket. Since my clean clothes are my the laundry basket, my dirty clothes are now spread across my floor.

I’m normally a pretty clean person. My mom wouldn’t believe me if I told her that, but I keep my space relatively neat now. Everything has a place, so everything goes to that place. This is probably the messiest my room has looked since I moved out of my parents’ house and it’s all because of laundry.

My room won’t get cleaned tonight. My English paper is due today and I have a genetics test from 7-9pm. My classmates are bitching about having an exam on a Friday night, but I’m not mad. It’s not like I have anything better to do. Except clean my room. Is it bad that I’d rather take a genetics test than put my clothes away? After my test, I have to finish my organic chemistry homework that’s due at midnight.

Then I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to get Away with Murder. It was so hard to study last night when everyone was watching TGIT without me. I’m embarrassingly obsessed with everything Shonda Rhimes creates. I’m blaming laundry for keeping my away from their season premiers.

Maybe if I’m super rich and successful and can get my clothes sent out like they do on my shows. Meredith Grey never runs out of clean scrubs and Olivia Pope is never seen washing one of her fabulous ensembles.  I guess that first step to becoming rich and successful is finishing my English paper and studying for my genetics test.

It’s still better than laundry.





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