The temporary buildings are way out behind West Campus. I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone because there’s literally nothing out there.I brought my roommate’s hat in case I needed to hide, but I barely saw any people. The privacy was comforting.

The first thing he said to me is that it’s unbearably hot in his office. It was, but I would’ve been sweating even if it was 10 degrees. My hands were cold and sweaty so I stuck them under my legs.

He asked me a few questions and I dodged them by giving vague, short answers and changing the subject. I have always been scared that it would be like talking to a brick wall, where he just “mhms” and “uh huhs” at me, but he answered every question I had. I learned enough about him that he was a real person in my mind.

His argyle sweater was oddly comforting. His socks had pink elephants on them. One of my socks had a hole big enough for three of my toes to fit through. I was wearing shoes, but it seemed like he could see through them and through me.

He had a piece of glitter on his lip. I kept looking around for something glittery, but I couldn’t find anything. It must’ve been from his daughter. She plays volleyball, just like I did.

I think I did most of the nodding and mhm-ing. I spent more time looking at the fake potted plant in the corner than I did looking at him.

Why now?

It’s a simple question. What changed? What happened that made now the time to talk?

I don’t know. Maybe he can help me figure it out.

I’m going back Monday.



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