Before I Die:

jump into Jacob’s well

learn to surf in Hawaii

eat french toast with a view of the Eiffel Tower

watch the sunrise from Sugarloaf mountain

see the Northern lights

go to Austin City Limits Music Festival

stand in two states on the Pedestrian Bridge  05/27/16

walk with the crowds in Shibuya Crossing 

feed the giraffes at the Franklin Zoo    04/15/16

snowboard on Mt. Aggie

be a laboratory research assistant 06/01/16

study abroad

go to the Olympics

snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

become a certified pharmacy technician

chase geishas through the streets of Kyoto

get my genome sequenced

see Hozier in concert

visit St. Jude Research Hospital

climb Enchanted Rock and look for four leaf clovers

adopt a dog from a rescue shelter

live with 50 girls in a sorority house

read Walt Whitman’s poetry aloud

reach pansy degree in ΔΔΔ

climb Mt. Fuji

get shit faced drunk at Chilifest

stop at the scenic turnout in Oklahoma 05/11/16

be a bridesmaid

learn how to make oyster patties

get my aggie ring

drink margaritas on the beach in the Caribbean 

see the top of London from the Eye

write in a journal until it’s full

dogsled in Alaska

Not all of these things are life-changing experiences (cough cough chilifest), but they are all about finding time to do what I want to do.  Some of them are close to home and some of them are far away. Some I could do tomorrow and some need a few years. I included things I’ve already done to help me remember that my life has already been pretty fucking awesome.


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