I am 6′ 1/2″ tall and I absolutely hate it.

Maybe if I was super model skinny I wouldn’t hate it that much, but I’m not.

Here’s a list of reasons why I hate being tall:

  • I look awkward in pictures with all my friends because I’m a head taller
  • people always ask me if I play basketball. I don’t.
  • boys are all too short or way out of my league
  • I have to order pants online from stores that make clothes specifically for tall people
  • sometimes even tall sized pants are too short
  • I will never be able to wear a romper
  • shirts have to be really low cut to show off my cleavage
  • proportions for dresses and tops are always wrong
  • I’m always in danger of showing a whale tale because my shirts are too short
  • I have to buy boys sweatpants and flannels
  • I can’t dry anything with sleeves or legs
  • skirts and dresses are always indecently short
  • sitting on an airplane, train, or backseat of a car is super uncomfortable
  • people always tell me I should be a model-news flash: I’m not skinny enough
  • boys lie about their height which leads to awkward dates with too-short liars
  • stranger comment on my height way too often
  • people assume I’m a boy from the back
  • my feet hang off the end of me bed
  • blankets are never long enough to cover my shoulders and feet
  • if I wear heels I’m a literal giant
  • I never get a piggyback ride but always have to give them
  • I’m always in the back for pictures
  • I often hit my head on low bearing tree branches
  • When I fall it’s a long way down 

Here’s some reasons why I shouldn’t hate being tall

  • I was pretty good at volleyball
  • I can always spot people in a crowd
  • I’m hard to forget
  • I can reach high cabinets
  • people look up to me (literally)
  • I get the best views at concerts
  • I never have to own a stool
  • I could be a bouncer
  • I’m not a good candidate to be raped

I’m sure I will continue adding to this list


more than a head taller than sarah prabhackar // last day of freshman year at a&m


coaching to university of texas basketball team ‘get buckets’  // delta dunkfest 2015


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