I turned 20 this weekend. January 30, to be exact.

On Friday, my dad started out terrible. I went to the walk in clinic at St. Joseph to get my tuberculosis test checked, since I have to get it twice to volunteer in the hospital. I was expecting to walk in and walk out like last time, but it turned into this whole ordeal. A med student looked at my arm and showed me into a room. When the doctor came in, she was wearing gloves and a mask and it was pretty scary. I had a marble sized induration and a red spot 25cm big on my arm. I don’t know how I didn’t notice until they checked me, but it was pretty large and painful. They had to call my test positive even though I just had one two weeks ago. I had to get a chest x-ray and everyone in the clinic came to feel up my arm. I guess it’s pretty rare that someone has a positive TB test so it was a learning opportunity for lots of people. But after looking at my x-ray, they determined that I do not have tuberculosis and it was a false positive.

After that who debacle, I lost my draft of my paper for English, which is  just stupid and totally my fault but it still sucked. Then I spent the whole day doing my organic chemistry OWLs. It’s online busy work that takes forever. These ones were unusually hard and I seemed to get the worst problems. We got all of Julie’s right, but we couldn’t figure out like 7 of mine. Then mine molecule sketcher stopped working so I couldn’t finish them if I wanted to. I’ve never gotten less than a 100 on my OWLs and it sucked to start off the year with a bad grade in busy work. Our chemistry test is on Thursday, so I better figure all that shit out. I’m not going to lie, I cried a little bit out of frustration. I hate feeling stupid and I hate getting bad grades. I keep trying to tell myself one bad grade won’t change my future, but if I get a B in organic chemistry I’m going to look back on this night and hate myself for not figuring all my shit out.

Anyways, then I went out and picked up Christa and Hannah from campus. It was suppose to be a big little date for my birthday, but Claire ditched for a fish camp thing, Kate went home for the weekend, and Julie said she had too much homework. Hannah is my little and she is so adorable. Christa is Julie’s little and I’m her surrogate big because Julie sucks at being involved and doing things that aren’t school. They took me to Atami for sushi and then to BJs for pizzookies. Pizzookies are like deep dish cookies and they are seriously amazing. If you haven’t had one you are surely missing out. I had such a great time catching up with them. Hannah got me a coloring book and then filled a bunch of fortune cookies with positive sayings and quotes. She wants me to open them if I’m having a bad day. It was so sweet of her.

My dad was driving in from San Antonio, so after dinner I called him to see if he wanted to hang out. He said he was on Northgate with my uncles. Northgate is the strip of bars on University Drive that is basically party central. It’s really the only place to go on the weekends and it’s always packed. I’m not really a Northgate girl, but I decided I should go see my dad so I had Julie drop me off. Some of Uncle Jonathon’s friends own the Corner Bar so I met them there. All of Uncle Jonathon’s friends were there because the 30th is his birthday too. The bouncer at the door thought it was my 21st birthday instead of my 20th, but my dad was with me so I could drink legally anyways. My dad immediately bought me two shots and a Malibu and coke. He made fun of me because Malibu is my drink of choice. I had fun talking to Jonathon, Gregory, and my dad without all of the stress my grandparents cause. We bar hopped around and ran into some of my friends. I introduced all of them to my dad right away so they didn’t think I was out with some old man, and they all told me we looked a lot alike which was super comforting. My family bought me drinks and shots of Patron all night, which was a far cry from the Jose Cuervo I normally choke down with my friends.

My dad dropped me off at the house slightly tipsy just after midnight. I walked in the house to find Julie, Grace and her boyfriend Jacob with a cake and candles for me. It was so sweet of Grace to make me a cake, even if she forgot to put water in the mix she bought. Julie even stayed up late enough to sing to me. When I went upstairs, Claire had decorated my whole room for me. I had streamers down my door, a banner above my bed, and confetti all over my room. Sarah Garcia gave me some pizza rolls, basically the official food for drunk A&M students, and they were so good.

Then came the dramatic group. Annie ran down the hall in tears and I intercepted her with a hug. She said her ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend and she was really torn up about it. I let her lay in my bed and cry it out. Then in came Sarah Mack, yelling at Lindsay for eating all the pizza rolls she ordered. Poor Lindsay was so drunk she didn’t even remember picking up the pizza rolls until the next morning. Sarah Mack also got in a fight with Alexis about something stupid that doesn’t fucking matter. After we got Annie in her bed and all the drama was soothed for the night, I went to sleep.

I was planning on waking up at 10:30, but my body had other plans. I woke up around 8 and finished reading the stupid romance novel I had been working on. Then I called my momma and talked to her for a little bit. I finally got out of bed around 10 and hopped in the shower. Everyone I saw wished me happy birthday, which was super nice. I tried to talk Julie into coming to family lunch with me, but she said she had to study. At Grandma’s house we had cheeseburgers and hotdogs, which are grandma’s favorite. I don’t know why she got to pick because it wasn’t her birthday but whatever. Then Grandma brought out a super cute little cake for me and a cookie cake for Jonathon. Jonathon wouldn’t eat it because it had white icing on it and he only like chocolate. Grandma never gets him the right cookie cake. Then we took family photos with Grandma’s selfie stick.

When I got home, I had some time to decompress from the strain of my family and watch Grey’s Anatomy which was nice. Then my friends took me out to Caffe Capri, a little Italian place in downtown Bryan. I had never been there, but it was amazing. I got their signature pasta and free tiramisu. We took tons of pics outside their famous I ❤ carbs sign. Julie and I invited Momma Barbs, our house mom, and she came and brought us little fake fish tanks. I don’t know why, but they are cute.

My big, Sarah, scheduled her 21st birthday party on my birthday even though her birthday was in December. I didn’t care because it gave me a chance to hang out with her friends, who are so nice and so much fun. They got me a birthday ribbon and everything. Sarah never showed up to her own birthday party, which was kinda sad because I wanted to see her for my birthday. I guess she got back together with her old boyfriend and they have been inseparable since.

We went to Northgate again. I had only been twice in my life and suddenly I was there twice in one weekend. We went to Rebels and Katie was so drunk that Mollie had to take her home. Then we found Chrisanthie and went to Basil Whippets, where we danced in a pile of sweaty bodies.

Then Sunday morning I woke up, went to church, and went back to my normal routine of studying all damn day. I’ve had way too much fun lately and I definitely need to calm down. But it was my birthday so I will cut myself a little slack.

I had a fantastic birthday with people who made me feel so loved.


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