julie claire and me // tridelta game day 2015

My first roommate was my brother. That didn’t work out well.

Then I went to college and got paired with a random girl in my freshman dorm. I wish I could say we became best friends, but we only coexisted. I lived with Jana for an entire year and I only know a few things about her: she’s from Hondo, she’s a chemical engineering major, she always goes to bed at 11pm sharp, and she really likes microwavable chef boyardee spaghetti. Oh, and I learned she’s a twin when I waved at her and wasn’t wearing the same clothes she left the room in and she gave me a weird look.

I think Jana judges me for being in a sorority. My side of the room was covered in tridelt canvases, pin boards, and random knick knacks. Her side was bare, except a single family photo. She never left the room, and I felt judged for hanging out with my friends on school nights. It’s like she thought I was stupid, but we took a lot of the same classes freshman year and I got better grades than her even though I didn’t study near as much. I went all out and decorated our door for her birthday and she didn’t return the favor, but it’s not like I’m bitter or anything.

Anyways, after our wonderful year coexisting, we unfollowed each other on Instagram and parted ways.

This year, I’m rooming with Grace. We are a great match. We both have parents that live out of state, so we don’t have an extra closet to store stuff in. We got the biggest two person room, which is pretty practical because we both actually need the space. Grace is almost never hanging around our room, which is a nice change from Jana. Grace is involved in like a million things and spends tons of time (and nights) with her boyfriend. I study a lot and I’m normally in the Pansy room with Julie so I don’t hog the room either. We have a nice balance of alone time and togetherness. We keep updated on each other’s lives. We vent to each other about everything and we know it won’t get around to anyone else.

We only have a few issues. One, we talk way to freaking much. It’s one of Grace’s biggest downfalls. She’s always late to her next thing because she can’t stop talking to everyone. I love our conversations so I don’t mind, but sometimes I try to shove her out the door so she’s not an hour late to dinner or whatever.

Grace also skips a lot of classes. She’s not academically super motivated, so I’m always keeping track of her schedule and trying to remind her to do her homework. I know she’s an adult, but I really think she should go to class. She sets like five alarms to get up but always sleeps through class. I wake up to her alarms, but I normally have to get up before her anyways.

She has the weirdest sleep schedule. For like two weeks she will go to bed at like 3 am and wake up at 8am and she will be fine, and then suddenly she sleeps for like three days straight. It’s not healthy. She says it’s because of her ADD medication, but the effects shouldn’t be that strong or she is abusing her medication or on too strong of a prescription. That’s where my mothering stops: I won’t tell her how to use her medication, even though I really want to.

Almost every time I walk into the room, Grace is in some sort of undress. She doesn’t really lurk around naked, but it seems like it because our timing is so off. I walk in just as she’s ripping of her towel or pulling a thong over her ass. I swear, I don’t think I saw my ex boyfriend naked as much as I’ve seen her.

I’m going to be so sad when I’m not living with Grace anymore. I told her I’m going to come over for sleepovers when it’s stormy out. It’s always nice to sleep next to someone when the thunder and lightening scares me awake.

Next year in living with Claire, Julie, and Cassidy. Originally it was suppose to be me, Julie, Claire, and Claire’s current roommate Katie. But Julie and I have pretty strict budgets compared to Claire and Katie, and we couldn’t find agree on how to make it work. Katie wanted all of these things that would cost way more than Julie and my budget, but she wasn’t willing to pay more than us. So, if only two of the rooms had their own bathroom, she wanted to automatically get one of those rooms without having to pay more than us. Claire was willing to pay more to get the better room. In the end, Katie gave us an ultimatum that we couldn’t keep with our budget so she left us. We fought pretty much all semester, since she dropped us first for her old, balding boyfriend, and then she dropped us for a bathroom to herself. I didn’t really want to live with someone like that anyways.

So then we started looking for three bedroom houses. Nothing in our budget was popping up. When we heard that Cassidy got ditched by the God Squad for rooming next year, we jumped on it. Cassidy is really sweet and fun, but she’s not super religious like the rest of the girls we call the God Squad, so she got overlooked as a roommate. We asked her to live with us, and she accepted.

What we didn’t know it at the time, but she was stringing along a few groups or girls as there fourth roommate, include Grace and Elizabeth. I felt super bad for poaching Grace’s roommate, but grace said she didn’t really want to live with her anyway, so it kinda worked out.

We started looking looking at Claire’s older sister’s house on Welsh. It was in the heart of the historic district, which is the place to live as a college student, and it was cute, spacious, and had plenty of parking. But the realtor, Sharon Baron, screwed us out of it because another group was willing to pay her more than she asked on the lease. We kept looking, and found the adorable, pink Cougar house. Sharon Baron owned it, which was a downside, and it was in a family neighborhood instead of the historic district, but Sharon was going to give us a huge discount because she felt bad for screwing us over on the Welsh house. We went to see it and it was a family home. It had granite countertops, a huge master suite with a jacuzzi, an extra room for studying, and a working fireplace. It was right in our budget and perfect for us.

But Cassidy didn’t think so. She wanted something in the historic district, which I understand. She was also hesitant to trust Sharon again; we all were. But instead of having a discussion and trying to work things out, Cassidy gave an ultimatum: Cougar house goes or she goes. Obviously we couldn’t afford Cougar without her and we couldn’t find any decent three bedrooms, so we had to give up our dream house. I’m not going to lie, I held a grudge for a little bit. It seemed like Cassidy was playing us, especially when Grace heard her asking around to see if any groups still needed a fourth. But, eventually, we rallied and started looking again.

Cassidy’s family lives in College Station, so she was here all of break looking for houses. She found one on Broadwater, just down the street from Sarah Mack’s next years house and my big’s house. It was a great compromise. It was obviously a lot smaller and didn’t have all of the bells and whistles that Cougar did, but all four of us were in. It was just outside of the historic district, and it was right by some of our closest friends. We decided to go for it, and Cassidy asked the realtor for the lease.

A few weeks later, Claire asked about the Boardwalk house lease. Cassidy casually said that we lost the house because she wasn’t on top of the paperwork. We took a deep breath, and started the hunt again. Cassidy found a few more houses, but they were awful. All of them were worn down shacks. One had pink tile covering the entire bathroom, one didn’t have a dishwasher, and one was in the straight ghetto.

When we got back to school, we redefined exactly what we were looking for as a group. We can up with some better specifics, and decided it was time to let go of trying to live in the historic district.

We haven’t found a house yet, but we have gotten through some pretty big fights as a group. I think we are going to be great roommates. None of us are huge partiers. Julie and I are really into school, Claire loves her alone time, and Cassidy has a great job at Southern Jewels boutique. I honestly think that our biggest problem will be finding the house, and once we move in we will live cohesively as friends. I think we are going to take roomie pics soon, so look our for that.

*not pictured: Jana, for obvious reasons, and Cassidy, for less obvious reasons (we just don’t have any pictures together)

** this post is now longer than the English assignment I’m should to be writing but I’d obviously rather write about myself 

first pic as roomies // grace tackling me in the bounce house @ work week 2015
grace’s 20th birthday // tv room @ delta shelta
elizabeth, me, claire, grace // halloween 2015
roomie pic before katie ditched us // aggie football game 2015
first outing as sophomores // SAE thrift shop



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