claire and me in front of the big white house // work week 2015

So I’m in a sorority. I love it, but I’m not a typical sorority girl.

I totally buy into some of the stereotypes: I love my monogrammed white hightop converse, I wear huge tshirts so my shorts are barely seen, I’m a proud advocate for the sorority squat, and I hate myself for snapping my fingers when someone saying something that I like.

But I’m still uniquely myself. I’m double majoring in biochemistry and genetics, both relatively unheard of. I don’t go out all weekend every weekend. I am in some pretty nerdy clubs. I don’t listen to the same music as most of my friends. I’m not from Texas. I don’t drive a midsize luxury SUV.

I don’t get along with every one of my 250 ‘sisters’, but I am proud to know all of them. Through tridelt, I have made so many friends that I hold very close to my heart. I would never have met most of them if I had rushed.

Claire is a very quite education major who has the kindest heart I’ve ever known. Her heart is literally pure gold and I can’t imagine her having a mean thought about anyone. She was one of my first true connections in college. Claire is so calm; a chat with her always de-stresses me.

Grace is all over the place, but in a good way. She’s always doing something amazing, like winning 2 grand to build this machine she dreamed up or volunteering at our local philanthropy, Twin City soup kitchen. She is an amazing support system for me and is always motivating me to find more to accomplish.

Lindsay is so chill. She sleeps like all day but always has a smile on her face and is up for anything. When I have weird Outback cravings at 9pm, I know Lindsay will be up for a late night steak. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her, but is genuinely kind.

Sarah Mack is  very loud and extroverted and she loves to party, but she’s majoring in industrial engineering and minoring in math and statistical methods. She is naturally wicked smart and always makes time to do what she wants to do.

Elizabeth is one of the most sarcastic people I’ve ever met, and her biting wit surprises me every time she opens her seemingly innocent mouth.

Sarah Bankhead is my big and she has the cutest southern accent. She has amazing balance in her life and a great group of friends that I absolutely love.

Hannah is my little. She’s from Oklahoma. She was all into that drama and theater stuff in high school, and has definitely carried her dramatic side to college. We are complete opposites, but somehow we work perfectly together. Her best friends Christa and Kate and Julie and Claire’s littles, so we have a perfect big/little bff group.

Julie is a lot like me, but is so freaking pure that I’ve never heard her cuss. One time, I asked her how far her boyfriend of 4 years and her have gone, you know, sexually, and she responded that they don’t make out horizontally because it’s too much temptation. So we obviously aren’t that much alike.

I could write a novel of reasons why I love these girls, and I love tridelt for bringing me close to them. I would’ve never met most of them at my huge university if we hadn’t all rushed tridelt.

Being in a sorority has also offered me so many experiences already. I get to raise money for St. Jude research hospital all year through really fun events. I’m so glad that St. Jude is our philanthropy because it’s truly a great cause and we actually impact tons of lives everyday with the money we raise. So many people come up to us and thank us for raising money for St. Jude because they know someone who has been taken care of through their services. Helping children with cancer is one of the most rewarded experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to raise more this year. I hope I can go visit the hospital in Nashville someday. I bet it would be an amazing, heartwarming experience.

I was House Manager last year, which looks great on a resume, and got me the biggest two person room. I was one of only four freshman/sophomores that were slated for a position. I’m now Involvement Chair, probably because I’m super duper organized. It’s actually not that great of a position and I probably won’t get another one next year.

As house manager last year, I formed a strong bond with out house mom, Momma Barbs. She’s an amazing, Godly woman who puts in tons of work to keep our house running smoothly. I’ve had quite a few mental breakdown in her apartment and she’s always comforted me and advised me as her own. Our chef, Mike, is absolutely amazing. He and I planned all the meals last semester, so he knows what I like and he makes my favorite meals frequently. He takes such good care of us and truly cares about the nutritious value of everything he puts on our plates.

Living in the white house has been the best experience of college so far. I love knowing what every one is up to, how their days went, and what they are struggling with. In our chapter, only sophomores and a few officers live in the house, so it’s an amazing way to bond with my pledge class. I love that there’s always someone who wants to hang out or just chill. Even when I’m getting ready for my 8am, there’s someone else in the bathroom to suffer with me. When I’m grabbing a snack or getting another cup of coffee, there’s always people chatting in the mitch to keep me occupied. If I’m bored, I can just wonder across the hall to Lindsay, Sarah, and Julie’s room, or next door to Claire’s room. We never borrow clothes without asking, but my clothing options have increased exponentially with access to everyone else’s closets. I’m pretty extroverted, so even being by myself in my room with my door closed feels better when I can hear the voices and footsteps of my friends down the hall.

I’m going to be so sad when I have to move out at the end of the semester.

I’m so blessed to be a tridelt. It’s exactly where I’m suppose to be. I couldn’t be happier.


my fav pic of me and most of my besties waiting on the bus full of new babies // bid day 2015



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