bid day 2015 // tridetla house

It’s Julie’s birthday. She’s the type that doesn’t want anyone to know. She doesn’t have social media and she deleted her Facebook over Christmas so people wouldn’t be able to see her birthday. It’s not weird that she doesn’t do Instagram or anything because she is just so cool.

Julie is a nutrition major and she wants to do to medical school or pa school. I think she should go to med school, but she thinks it will stress her out too much. She has an amazing opportunity where she gets to basically intern as a pa at a hospital. She wears scrubs and takes vitals and is basically the coolest thing ever.

Julie really stressed about school. We weren’t even in school yet, but on Monday night she was pre-reading for her genetics class. She gets so sucked into her work that she doesn’t sleep or eat or interact with people. I get it, because I can be like that too, but sometimes I worry that she’s teally unhappy.

Julie’s sister, Sarah, is in law school in New York City. She got an internship with Louis Vuitton working on their patents and is going to be in Paris next spring. I met Sarah and her parents when I spent thanksgiving with Julie in Arlington. Sarah is so put together and unique so NYC totally fits her. Julie is thinking of applying as a transfer to NYU. I don’t want her to go, but more importantly I want her to be as happy in college as I am. I love A&M, and I want her to love her school that much. If she thinks being in NYC with her sister is going to be better than here, then I will encourage her every step of the way.

If Julie left I would be lost. Julie and I have the same academic drive. We have similar prerequisites for pa school and pharmacy school, so we take a lot of classes together. We are both crazy about getting to class early, taking rigorous notes, reviewing and revolting notes after class, doing our homework as soon as possible, and studying all the time.

One would think we would make each other even more insane, but we actually know how to calm each other down. Since we have the same mindset, we know exactly what to say to calm one another down. More importantly, we know when there is nothing that we can say to each other and we just have to empathize. When people try to fix our stress, it only increases it. Julie and I go through almost everything together, so we can keep each other sane.

I wouldn’t have made it through organic chemistry if she wasn’t in the seat right next to me. She makes me think deeper and encourages me to put more time into my studies. She has a great memory that balances out my absolutely terrible one. When Julie forgets to eat, I make sure she doesn’t die from malnutrition. (lol @ a nutrition major dying from malnutrition) When she stops talking to people, I remind her that human contact is part of being a healthy, well-rounded person.

The pics below are from when she took me home for thanksgiving. Julie was so embarrassed when I saw her prom queen sash and crown. She wouldn’t let me take a picture of her with them on. The one below that is one of Julie’s senior pictures that is up all around her house. Apparently, she was taking them in an old candy shop and her dad’s favorite candy is laffy taffy so that’s what the photographer had her hold?? idk but its hilarious.

So this is basically a Julie Smith appreciation post.

UPDATE: Julie interviewed for a position as the intern to the dietician for the A&M football team on her birthday and she got it!!!! They showed her around and I’m so excited and proud of her. 


Julie in the candy shop, not licking a lollipop, but shakin that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, girl


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