my friends and a bunch of random people from a football party // Jan 22

I have a pretty heavy MWF schedule. On top of that, I went to a meeting for studying abroad and realized that I have a tons of paperwork and application stuff due on February 1st. I basically have to run around campus, getting literal paper signatures from like every office possible. And my 3 hour labs start next week. It’s going to be a hell of a week.

But first, it was a hell of a weekend.

Sarah Mack cooked dinner for a bunch of us on Friday night. She has baked chicken, vegetables, sausage rice, bread, and brownies. It was surprisingly delicious. So many people were there: Claire, Grace, Lindsay, Katie, Tori, Annie, Alexis, and Rachel. Julie even came for a little bit, but left to go to her lake house to see her parents. Katie left to go spend time with her awful, old, balding boyfriend.

After Julie left, we broke out the wine. We started telling all our dirty stories, and everyone was surprised to hear mine. I have a very good reputation in college, but I wasn’t the purest girl in high school. My friends are always surprised when, on the rare occasion, I’m drunk and blabbing about all the fun times I used to have.

Sarah told me I should go out with them, and I said I would since Claire and Grace were going too. Sarah did my hair and makeup, transforming me from a bum in a big tshirt to someone who looked like they knew how do winged eyeliner. We did a few shots of literally the worst vodka I’ve ever put in my body, and that’s saying something because I was already pretty tipsy and I’ve had a lot of Barton’s and Everclear in my day. Then we went to the football house.

It’s Cullen’s house, and he was hosting the best football guys and promising new recruits. Not to name drop, but Christian Kirk, Connor Mcqueen, and Josh Reynolds were just some of the guys there. It was so crowded that I could barely breathe. I normally get the advantage of being a head taller than everyone and breathing my own air, but so many tall boys were also breathing my air. Not that I minded, but they were definitely hindering my oxygen intake. Or maybe I couldn’t breathe because I swooned every time I looked around I saw a tall, hot, muscular guy. Or maybe I was light headed from the whiskey I was sipping. Or maybe it was the stench of second hand weed. Between you and me, I’m betting on the boys. I’m a sucker for an athletic guy over 6’2. No matter the cause, breathing was hard that night.

I had lots of fun talking to my friends and more than a few hot guys, but we were home pretty early. Then, Claire and I woke up and went to the rec decently early. I owe my quick revival to being young, hydrated, and having alcoholics in the family. We bounce back pretty fast.

After our work out, Claire and I lazed around all day and went to Chuy’s for dinner. Since most of the house was out partying, we thought it would be a great time to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. We watched in Claire’s room on her tiny TV. I laid in Katie’s bed since she was probably getting banged by her super old boyfriend. We made it to the part where Christian is flogging Ana while she is strapped down to the bed, when poor, sweet, innocent, Julie walked into the room.

I yelled at her to cover her eyes, but it was too late. We scarred her. She ran out of the room and would only come back in after I put a towel over the TV. We chatted, but Claire and I kept laughing. If she had only waited 10 more seconds to walk in, she would’ve seen the skyline of Seattle instead of a naked girl being whipped. Julie went to bed, shaking her head about how scandalous we are. It’s not a night any of us are going to forget for a while.

Then I woke up and went to church with Julie. She put at least a hundred dollars in the offering plate. I bet it was all the money she got from her family for her birthday. That’s just the way Julie is. She probably thought she needed to after being friends with sexual deviants like Claire and me and inadvertently seeing a Dom/sub scene between two unmarried people. Then we did homework and tried to ignore the PC 15 girls chanting downstairs as part of their rush workshop.

It was a hell of a weekend, and it will be a hell of a week. Welcome back to college.

drunk me and sober claire // smack’s house before the real party began



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