I was at Jason’s Deli on Sunday night with Julie and her friend Mita when this super tall, super hot guy walked in with a bunch of his friends. I was swooning so hard and joked that I should leave him my number. So I wrote a message on the back of my receipt and put it on a plate of muffins. I dropped the plate on his table in front of him and ran out of there. The following series of pictures is our entire conversation.


That was the extent of our conversation because two messages of “hahaha ___ emoji” is not really stimulating.Also, not all of my puns were from that website and if they were I at least had the intelligence to switch them up. His were straight from the website and didn’t even go with the flow of the conversation sometimes.

Boring guys are so unattractive, no matter how drool-worthy their outsides may be.

I am so proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone. It was really fun. I strongly suggest it.


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