my room at the tridelt house // Jan 19

photo cred: grace evans, my adorable roommate 

Today is my 17th first day of school. 

Since labs don’t meet the first week of school, I only had one lecture today, organic chemistry. I have it in the same room as last semester with the same prof as last semester and my best friend Julie and I sat in the same seats as last semester. 

If it still feels like last semester, did I really have a first day of school? 

This semester I’m taking ochem II, ochem II lab, genetics, genetics lab, engineering calculus III, and a stupid English class.

Just being back at Texas A&M feels so amazing, and it’s not just the weather. It’s 60 degrees on this January afternoon and I wouldn’t change that for all the money in the world, but I really love this place. 

My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents all went to TAMU too. My brother, my cousin David, and I are all here right now. My grandparents and aunt and uncle live here. My grandfather teaches statistics and does some other math stuff at the university. I was born bleeding maroon. I never felt pressured to go here. It was always what I wanted. I’ve heard so many stories and about how the best years of your life are in College Station. 

All of the traditions make me feel at home. I love the feeling connection with all of the future, current, and past Aggies. Football, midnight yell, bonfire, yell leaders, muster, pond hopping, 12th man, and elephant walk are just a few of the traditions that bring all of us together. 

 Every time I walk through campus, I am so grateful to be here. Coming here has always been my dream and I’m so excited to be living it.

Thanks and gig em 


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