Yesterday I drove to Lincoln to visit Jenna and Erika. I love them so much. I got to see where they live and where they spend their time. Now when I picture them in my mind they are actually in a physical place instead of some made up space in my mind. 

When I got to Lincoln, Erika was still working at the bank so Jenna took me on a tour of delta gamma. They have this really cool little balcony that looks over their foyer. I felt like I should be calling out for Romeo. It was a lot bigger and nicer than my sorority house in Texas. I hope Jenna comes down to visit me so I can show her my chapter. I think she would be surprised that our houses are so completely different. 

When Erika got off of work, we went to Tom + Chee. I fucking love that place. They specialize in grilled cheese donuts. I got a normal grilled cheese donut for dinner and then we spilt the three dessert ones in the  picture. Mine was chocolate bacon, Erika’s was peanut butter and banana, and Jenna’s was blueberry and cheese. They were seriously to die for. I was so full but so happy. Once of the workers told me they have a franchise in Dallas and I’m going to have to make the trip. 

I almost got another tattoo last night but all the parlors were closed. I love getting tattoos and being with other people when they get tattoos. It’s and adrenaline rush for me; I don’t really know why, and I don’t question it. I want this tattoo so bad but I really don’t want to get it without Jenna and Erika. I would feel like I was cheating on them or something. All three of us got tattoos last summer. When I look at my tattoo, I think not only about its personal meaning to me, but how perfect our friendship was that summer and how much I love them. I don’t want a tattoo that doesn’t have memories with them. Now I have to wait until I go back to good old Nebraska in the summer to get it. I’m sure it will be worth the wait. 

After driving through the ghettos of Lincoln looking for an open tattoo shop, we just headed to Erika’s apartment to chat. She lives alone since Rachel moved out. I wish Rachel would’ve been there yesterday, but she has a lot of personal shit going on right now. Jenna, Erika, and I had the best late night talk. I love talking to them because it always means more than talking to other people. I don’t really know how to explain it. We talk about really deep, soul-bearing, thought-provoking stuff and it keeps me alive. I genuinely love hearing both of their opinions and their perceptions. 

At one point, Jenna was talking about a self-help book called something like how to be a badass. I said “I don’t need to read that” at the same time that Erika said “I really need to read that”. That moment completely describes us. We had the same type of thought but on opposite ends of the spectrum. I’m going to laugh at that for years. 

I had a great visit and I’m so glad I saw both of them. It’s always hard saying goodbye to them. I think it gets harder every time. 


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