Obama flew into Omaha today to give a speech in the Baxter Arena at UNO. I didn’t get a ticket to go see him. Prom dress shopping with my cousin Alexandra was way more important to me. It was totally worth it because we found the perfect dress-her ass looks amazing in it. Anyway, Obama hasn’t done the military any favors during his term so I’m not his biggest supporter, but I think he was a pretty solid president. Who doesn’t love a fabulous gay wedding?

So I was driving home from getting my big sister in my sorority a pair monogrammed wine glasses for her 21st birthday, but all the roads to my house were blocked off. Like what the hell? How was I suppose to get home in time to go prom dress shopping? I had to take a 15 minute detour with lots of slick dirt roads from all the melting snow to get back to my house. When I finally got home, I turned on the television to see what was going on.

President Obama had paid a house visit to Mrs. Martin, an English teachers at my rival high school, and she lived in the neighborhood across from mine. My family was super interested because my mom is an English teacher at my school and my aunt works with special needs kids at the rival high school. Auntie Michelle knew Mrs. Martin, so it was like we knew someone famous. She said the lady is a bit of a bitch, so that sucks. Since she lived so close to me, all the roads were blocked off for National Security. Would it even be worth it to assassinate Obama now? I mean he’s almost completed two full terms, just let him retire in peace for goodness sake.

Anyway, Mrs. Martin had written Obama a letter about how she was concerned for her newborn son’s future due to the severity of climate change. Since Obama had spent most of his State of the Union address lecturing on climate change, it seemed appropriate that he would single out this woman to talk to. Crowds gathered on her street, hoping to catch a glimpse of the president in real life. It’s pretty cool to know the sitting president drove on the same roads that I drive everyday. He even sat down in a living room not far from mine. It makes him seem like less of a mirage and more of a person.

Our local news reported from start to finish, and even made a few comments on the mysterious teacher/single mother getting into the president’s car to ride with him to the arena. As if anyone would have the balls to cheat on Michelle Obama. The sight of her arms alone would scare me into submission. Even though its two years after my graduation, I still hold a grudge against her for making our school lunches bland, boring, and ‘healthy’. I mourn for those poor kids who have to suffer through years of school lunches without anything fried, anything salty, and the beloved cheesey sticks.

Jp, Mason, and Gabbie all went to Obama’s speech. Even though classes had been cancelled, Jp had a pencil in his pocket. As he walked through security, they confiscated it because it could be used as a projectile weapon. Jp, being his usual smart-ass self, casually replied, “Probably for the best. I have pretty good aim.” As Obama’s safety is not taken lightly, Jp had to endure lots of additional security and explain that he was making a dumb joke before he was allowed to enter the arena.

Jp told the story while we were chatting over some boneless honey barbecue wings at bdubs, and I completely forgot to ask how the actual speech was. I could looks it up and watch it for myself, but that’s a little too much work for me. So I guess this is everything there is to know about Obama in Omaha except for the contents or quality of the speech. I’m sure it was super great, though.


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