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Zak’s 20th Birthday Party  // The Club

Winter break is coming to a close.

I’ve had the most wonderful time with my friends and family in Nebraska. I’ve had a rejuvenating break doing everything from building a snowman on Christmas Eve to drinking way too much at a trashy UNO fraternity party on New Years Eve. I love my friends here. Even though it is the middle of our sophomore year of college, our friendships are just as strong as they were in high school. Obviously we have all changed, some could say we have even matured, but getting together and catching up is still easy and fun.

All of our lives continually change. Gabbie, Mason, Jp, Josh, and Ryan all attend the University of Nebraska-Omaha, while I go to college down south at Texas A&M. Zak has a full scholarship to play soccer at Doane, a small private school about three hours from Omaha. Josh is not pictured because he is studying abroad in Norway, the home country of Sondre, our foreign exchange friend from high school. Ryan and JP have amazing internships at a computer engineering company in St. Louis this summer. Gabbie majoring in parks and tourism and is renting her first apartment, affectionately and accurately dubbed The Club. Mason is studying civil engineering and will hopefully get the internship at my Aunt Lindy’s water management engineering company this summer.

Today is a Sunday so it is tradition that the squad meets up at DJ’s sports bar and gambles all our quarters away. The only game we can play is keno, but next year we will really be able to gamble. I still remember giving Zak all our quarters and our cards so he could turn them in since he was the first to turn 18. We’ve played every Sunday that I’ve been in town for the past couple of years but I don’t think we’ve won more than $30 between all of us. We have terrible luck. Maybe we shouldn’t move on to bigger forms of debt.

We called an early night because everyone but Zak and me has class tomorrow. I don’t know what to do now that they will be busy during the day and tired at night. I know I will find something to keep myself busy.


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